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A.V. ID: The Importance of Fan-Made Music Videos

A.V. ID: The Importance of Fan-Made Music Videos

As an avid devourer of music, I must confess my deep fondness for music videos. I can sit and watch music videos for hours on end, and I appreciate when artists spend time and effort to release well-crafted ones. But I often find myself watching fan-made music videos. Although I[Read More…]

Why Google is Invisible

Why Google is Invisible

As November begins, many Georgetown students are fixating on their futures. Whether they are looking for summer internships, research positions or full-time employment, there is no shortage of eager Hoyas on the cusp of answering the perennial question of what they want to be when they grow up. While many[Read More…]

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TOWNS: The Changing Face of Celeb Endorsements

A common practice in the marketer’s toolkit of persuasive tactics is the celebrity endorsement.  Whether it’s Jennifer Aniston selling SmartWater or Matthew McConaughey convincing us that he actually drives a Lincoln, consumers are well aware that if a well-known celebrity is singing the praises of a particular brand, he or[Read More…]

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Making Light of Stereotypes

The “S*** ____ Say” (from here on out, “stuff”) videos currently circulating the Internet have been wonderfully entertaining. Despite how funny they can be, the videos bring to mind the more serious issue of stereotypes. The videos adopt a social group’s lexicon, exaggerating the stereotypes in a way that is[Read More…]

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Men’s basketball beat writers Dave Finn and Michael Palmer sit down with Sports Editor Connor Gregoire to discuss the reason for the up-and-down (and now up again) nature of the Hoyas’ season.

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GU Rapper Lays Down Track

GU Rapper Lays Down Track

Tate Tucker (SFS ’14) might be a college freshman, but he is no neophyte when it comes to hip-hop. Last semester, Tucker raised more than a few eyebrows when he was invited to perform for — and garnered a seal of approval from —  Grammy-nominated artist Lupe Fiasco, who was[Read More…]

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Freshman Takes to YouTube to Chronicle Experiences During First Year at GU

Georgetown welcomed over 1,500 freshmen to campus this week and one of them is already standing out – by documenting his life on the Hilltop via YouTube. Joey Pearson (SFS ’14), an aspiring singer and actor from Hinesville, Ga., has been recording video blogs for the past three years. But[Read More…]

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