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The Deeper Meaning of Bubblegum Pop

No matter how old you are or where you come from, everyone should be able to see the value in pop music. I’m kind of joking, but there’s definitely a place for cheesy pop music in everyone’s life, and some of my favorite artists and songs have been mindless, radio-ready[Read More…]

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Not Just the Artists You Thought You Knew

Airports are rarely fun. They’re packed full of random people moving in every which way, constantly searching for the food court to buy an $8.00 slice of pizza or those monitors with the departure/arrival and gate information. People are frantically rushing around hoping they’ll make their connections, swinging their bags[Read More…]

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Björk’s Own Brand of Quirky Genius

Last year, I had one of the best experiences of my life at Bonnaroo. Being able to see some of my favorite bands, bands that I had idolized and obsessed over for years, was truly mind-blowing. On Tuesday, this summer’s Bonnaroo lineup was announced, and I tracked it closely. As[Read More…]

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Finding Solace in Melancholy Tunes

There are periods where I listen to melancholy music exclusively. For these occasions, I have a few go-to bands, but Rogue Wave definitely tends to make it into my rotation more than most others. Their music has more of an ominous tone; it can be a little unsettling while also[Read More…]

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