As much as we love the Hilltop, it’s always good news when city travel becomes less of a hassle. Recent changes and future proposals to the D.C. public transportation system all point toward a simpler, more streamlined network.

Despite some disconcerting calls it has made amid a severe budget crisis, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority has gained ground by taking action to boost the quality and efficiency of service.

That’s exactly what happened last month when the Circulator replaced the smaller, blue Metro Connection buses that ran from the Rosslyn Metro stop through Georgetown and Foggy Bottom to Dupont Circle. This change was part of a broader planned expansion in regional service from WMATA, including the construction of the Silver Metrorail line.

Georgetown’s inaccessibility to the rest of the city is a common grievance voiced by students, especially on weekends when GUTS service is spotty at best. With the expansion of the Circulator, students have a more convenient way to reach the Metro. Before the blue buses were phased out, customers had to pay in cash for their trip upon boarding. The expanded Circulator, however, allows students to use SmarTrip cards to travel from Georgetown to a Metro station.

Though the construction of the Silver Metrorail line will reportedly cost more than originally projected, the plan to connect the current Metro system with Virginia’s Dulles International Airport is well worth it. While no current undergraduate students will have an easier time heading to Dulles for spring break trips (the project is set for completion in 2016), the WMATA has finally stepped up to expand a much-needed service to area residents and the next round of Georgetown students.

Last semester, the neighborhood faced slashes to G2 weekend service, leaving adventuresome students flustered over limited transit options. For this lag in service, WMATA’s expansion of the Circulator route was a boon. Looking forward, the agency ought to make strides and ease the trek to Dulles. Here’s hoping they stick to their game plan.

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