The Students of Georgetown, Inc. made record profits in 2011, marking a return to profitability after two years of losses.

The Corp’s executives hope to use the new profits to focus on long-term value for their student shareholders.

“Something I’ve always tried to engender in our employees is that when we make money, we are much better able to help other students,” Chief Financial Officer R. Scott Munro (COL ’12) said.

According to the company’s Annual Report 2011, which was released Monday, The Corp’s services made $244,384.17 in total net income for fiscal year 2011. The figure represents a five percent increase from 2010. The Corp recorded net losses of $181,745 and $10,418 in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

Munro said that the return to profitability after two years in the red is the result of institutional re-pricing in Vital Vittles and significant increases in investment returns, despite rising expenses.

The Corp’s administrative policies have historically fostered a focus on giving back to students rather than increasing profits, a tradition that incoming CFO Vidur Khatri (MSB ’14) hopes to continue.

“If we have a healthy bottom line, we can give back in the most creative way,” he said. “If we have a healthy bottom line, we can prepare for the future.”

In the coming years, The Corp hopes to open a location in the New South Student Center, slated to be completed in August 2014, and invest more in student entrepreneurship and innovation. Munro foresees possible price cuts as well, stating that serving students remains a priority.

“We’re trying to move away from throwing money at a problem … [and] toward improving the campus in a significant way,” he said.

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