Ending a relationship is always difficult. You may ask yourself: When should I call things off? How should I break up with my significant other? Maybe even, who will rebound first?

But I bet the one question that you don’t put much thought into is: Where should I end it? The location of the break-up is very important. It is the difference between quickly ripping off the Band-Aid and repeatedly intoning the well-worn phrase “It’s not you. It’s me.” It’s fitting that a relationship should end just as many relationships begin: over dinner.

Aditi | 3299 M St. NW

Aditi, known as Georgetown’s first Indian restaurant, serves savory dishes while playing soft music. The dimly lit rooms and eclectic decor give Aditi an aura of mystery.  But you didn’t come here for the atmosphere; you came here for the curry, spiced lamb, okra and chilies and vindaloo chicken. That way, if your significant other cries when you break the news, you don’t have to feel guilty. After all, it could just be the spicy food making his eyes water.

Recessions Lounge | 1823 L St. NW

Another place that could be great for parting ways is Recessions Lounge near Dupont Circle. This restaurant serves typical bar food like buffalo wings, chicken tenders, stuffed potato skins and onion rings. It also has full meals including chicken parmesan, London broil and crab cakes.  But the real reason to go to Recessions isn’t for the food; it’s for the price. Obviously you don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on a relationship that’s going down the tube anyway. Recessions is the place to go for cheap eats. Where else can you get a nacho platter for $4.25 or an order of fettuccini alfredo for $6.96?

If the prices aren’t enough to persuade you to visit Recessions, the Friday night karaoke should do the trick. The open mic provides an unrivaled opportunity to tell your beau how you truly feel. Singing a nice song like Jason Derulo’s “Ridin’ Solo” should get the message across. Recessions’ slogan is “Get too much for your money.” Eating cheap with the opportunity to leave as a free man or woman? That’s a bargain.

Z Burger | 4321 Wisconsin Ave.

Located in Tenleytown, this classic burger joint is perfect for a last meal. Why?  One word: take-out. Don’t prolong the inevitable. Walk in, order your burger, fries and a soda to go, and then do just that. Although Z Burger is also known for its 75 flavors of divine milkshakes, I wouldn’t recommend ordering one during this particular outing. Milkshakes are the quintessential date food; they practically beg to be shared, and sharing is the last thing you want to do if you want a clean break. So save the purchase of a milkshake for a Monday between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. when they cost a mere 99 cents.

So, enjoy your meal and your carefully orchestrated plot … I mean, your gentle parting of ways. You’ve got over a week to finish things before the big V-Day and if you follow this guide correctly, your significant other will see what a gem you are. You will forever be the one that got away. Congratulate yourself for being a truly selfless and considerate person who cares about your ex. However, if your lover suggests one of these restaurants for a dinner date, it might be time for a little talk.

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