Despite coming up short in this year’s GUSA election, Jack Appelbaum, Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson and Spencer Walsh will feature prominently in the next executive staff.

“It takes a lot of guts and dedication to run, and when forming our team we looked to these people first as students who have proven their commitment to making Georgetown a better place,” President-elect Nate Tisa (SFS ’14) said.

Appelbaum (COL ’14), who was front-runner in the Georgetown University Student Association race and finished a narrow second to Tisa and Vice President-elect Adam Ramadan (SFS ’14), will serve as a senior counselor in the next administration. Tisa predicted that Appelbaum, as former chair of the Student Activities Commission, will provide strong institution experience.

“We want to work with him on student space, reducing bureaucracy, cutting the red tape. He’s somebody that we’re going to really be able to count on for advice,” Tisa said.

Appelbaum served as director of student life report implementation for outgoing GUSA President Clara Gustafson (SFS ’13) and Vice President Vail Kohnert-Yount (SFS ’13). He identified student space as a commonality between his campaign platform and Tisa’s.

“We’ll be focus a lot on student space, which was a point of similarity between Maggie’s and my platform and Nate and Adam’s platform. Getting more student space on campus, making sure there is more student voice in the decision making on campus,” Appelbaum said.

Walsh (MSB ’14), a computer science minor, will be director of technology. One of the central initiatives in Walsh’s platform was increasing GUSA engagement through more efficient use of technology.

Most notably, Walsh was an outspoken critic of the GUSA website, which was unavailable from the beginning of last fall until the end of this January due to a platform switch.

“The administration is only in office for a year. How do we get things done quickly? How would you engage students with technology with innovative ways? Flyers and emails can only go so far,” Walsh said.

Tisa said that one of Walsh’s central goals would be to shift GUSA records to the website to facilitate student access.

Corbin-Johnson (SFS ’14), who emphasized her involvement in diverse extracurricular groups during the campaign, will be director of group outreach.

“Shavonnia, during the campaign, talked a lot about reaching out to groups and really connecting to diversity and advocacy groups, so we have a lot of faith in her ability and passion for getting contact with the students,” Tisa said.

Senate Speaker Zach Singer (SFS ’15), who was formerly vice speaker and took over Tisa’s position as speaker after Tisa was elected president, will serve as chief of staff. Singer served as Tisa’s campaign manager and must resign the senate to join the executive.

“I’m excited for this position. Something I feel very strongly about is the free speech on campus, for example. As chief of staff, I will be able to work closely and intensively with such issues,” Singer said.

Ben Manzione (SFS ’15) will be transition chair, while Emily Perkins (COL ’14) will be director of communications.

Tisa will announce his deputy chiefs of staff, communications team, director of special initiatives and senior advisers Saturday.

The GUSA executive comprises two branches: the staff and cabinet. Staff members are handpicked by the executive leaders, while cabinet positions are chosen among applicants from the student body. Applications to cabinet positions will open Sunday and are due the following Thursday.

“We’re excited for that because it’s a cross-section for Georgetown, anyone who we don’t know yet or who we’ve worked with, people who are the most passionate and dedicated to specific issues,” Tisasaid.

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