179 Years Later, Descendants of Slaves Seek Future at Georgetown (Sept. 15)

Nearly two centuries after 272 slaves were sold by Maryland Jesuits in 1838 to a Louisiana plantation, three of their descendants look for a future at the university.


RICHARD SCHOFIELD FOR THE HOYA The Georgetown Scholarship Program offers support to 650 students, most of whom are first-generation, to attend college.

Missing Out: The GSP Students Who Would Have Been (Oct. 6)

The Georgetown Scholarship Program provides financial and institutional aid to select low-income students. But the program, strapped for resources, leaves out many students who need support.


Former President Bill Clinton (SFS ’68) spoke in Gaston Hall on Nov. 6 as part of a four-day symposium reflecting on his legacy as president.

Bill Clinton Calls for Inclusivity and Political Gumption (Nov. 7)

In a Nov. 6th return to the Hilltop, Former President Bill Clinton (SFS ’68) called on students to “get caught trying” in his widely anticipated keynote address celebrating the 25th anniversary of his victorious 1992 election campaign.


Fax Victor (COL ’19), who was told he would never be able to attend an elite college as a child, is now working to increase diversity in Georgetown’s applicant pool.

Diversity, Defined (Nov. 15)

Georgetown often touts the phrase “community in diversity” to entice applicants. But current students still face challenges finding their place on campus.


David Palmieri (SFS ’18) was one of seven students and four members of faculty to meet Pope Francis at a conference on nuclear disarmament.

Students Meet the Pope at Vatican Nuclear Disarmament Conference (Nov. 17)

Seven Georgetown students travelled to the Vatican in November for a conference on nuclear disarmament, where they met Pope Francis.


Students are calling on Georgetown to condemn alumni and honored guests who have been accused of sexual misconduct, including actor Kevin Spacey.

Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations, Students Call on Georgetown to Condemn Honorees (Dec. 1)

Following a national wave of sexual misconduct allegations, Georgetown students called on the university to condemn the actions of those previously hosted by the university, including Kevin Spacey and Charlie Rose.


Interviews with nine graduate and undergraduate students, faculty members and former diplomats reflected a growing attitude of disaffection with State Department leadership and the administration of President Donald Trump in the School of Foreign Service.

In Era of Trump and Tillerson, Students Lose Faith in Foreign Service Careers (Dec. 8)

Applications to foreign service jobs have dropped dramatically as Trump administration policies drive away potential recruits.


ANNA KOVACEVICH/THE HOYA The Cawley Career Center has drawn criticism from students, despite its recent efforts to improve.

Students Express Concern Over Career Center Offerings (Dec. 8)

The Cawley Career Center has drawn criticism from students, despite its recent efforts to improve last semester.

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  1. The phrase that slaves were “sold to save Georgetown” is factually incorrect. Some research would be a good start.

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