THEBSPOTDC.COM LIQUID GOLD The B Spot serves up delicious juices at low prices.
LIQUID GOLD The B Spot serves up delicious juices at low prices.

4/5 stars


Now that syllabus week is over, it may be time to detox before Lau reclaims your weekday nights. Juicing has become the latest Hollywood trend. Juice bars are popping up all over the East and West Coasts, but The B Spot is not your average juice bar.
The B Spot’s ambiance creates the perfect getaway within the Eastern Market, Washington D.C.’s artiest milieu, for busy Capitol Hill interns and health-conscious students to escape their hectic everyday tasks. The owners, Barry Lester and John Woods, are often spotted sitting at one of the tables near the entrance chatting with customers. Lester, an art historian and entrepreneur, and Woods, a well-known caterer to the stars, teamed up to establish the trendiest venue in the District. Not only does the establishment offer a large array of juices and teas, but it also reflects its neighborhood’s creative, artsy vibe. Upon entering the juice bar, my eyes wandered in awe over the walls, which are essentially a gallery of purchasable artwork by upcoming local artists. Local poets and musicians can also demonstrate their talents on the B Spot’s stage every Friday and Saturday.
The serene venue focuses on bettering the whole self with its organic produce and promotion of artistic expressions. It is refreshing to visit a small business that has removed itself from the vicious, high-strung entrepreneurial world. That the owners make an effort to converse with their patrons, the staff is so friendly and accommodating and local artists can display their works make this place intimate. The down-to-earth and Zen-mod vibe inspires creativity.
The most popular juice is the Garden of Eden, which is made with carrots, apples, ginger and organic vanilla. As its name implies, it has an irresistible flavor with a hint of spice that leaves you wanting more. Those who are particularly health-conscious will enjoy the Super Green juice, which is made with spinach, celery, parsley, wheatgrass and cayenne pepper. Don’t worry if you have a sweet tooth; the menu offers two smoothies that are so divinely delicious it should be a sin. The B Nutty smoothie offers a taste of Italy by including organic coffee, Nutella, pistachio gelato, peaches, vanilla almond milk, chia seeds, amaretto and honey. The other smoothie, the B Spot Better Butter, tastes like a healthy Reese’s concoction with its organic peanut butter, organic chocolate syrup, bananas, peaches, Omega 3 oil supplement and vanilla almond milk.
The tea menu offers a wide range of options. The Energize Me blend is definitely for caffeine addicts; it has a bold flavor of black tea, yerba mate, licorice root and other spices that will keep your taste buds and mind on their a-games. The menu boasts a few teas that competed in the World Tea Championship and North American Tea Championship. The Organic Black Celebration tea, which won the 2008 World Tea Championship, is one of the B Spot’s favorites, and the Ginseng Oolong tea was finalist at the 2009 World Tea Championship. The oolong’s rich ginseng taste and hints of a floral background are very  memorable. The Orange Vanilla White Chocolate and Chocolate Mint Rooibos Organic are the perfect picks for chocolate lovers.
The B Spot’s menu offers something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. I praise this classy yet sassy juice bar for its individuality and fantastic menu. The B Spot provides resources to heal your mind, body and soul; no wonder it is the trendiest place to B.

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