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Baseball Team Offers Winning Alternative

I know it’s close to spring break and the last thing you want to think about this week is another midterm, but humor me. Fill in the blanks. Consider it pass/fail.

The Georgetown men’s basketball team ____ its game against Seton Hall, 75-48.

The Georgetown baseball team won ____ games this weekend.

Georgetown’s starting point guard is ____.

Georgetown’s starting pitcher is ____.

The basketball team plays at ____.

The baseball team plays at ____.

The temperature topped out around 65 degrees this weekend. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful weekend. All right, enough with the idyllic poetry, you get the idea. And in case you don’t, the idea is baseball.

The Hoyas have not lost in their last five games, including four wins this past weekend (a correct answer here is worth one point). Last year there were times when winning that many games in the entire season seemed unlikely. By sharp contrast, the men’s basketball team has lost its last six contests. While the basketball team has won only one of its last five home games, the baseball team is perfect at home.

Yet most Hoyas don’t even know where the team’s home is.

Normally this is about the point at which I would begin expounding the reasons Georgetown’s baseball team should be brought back home and given a field on campus where you Hoya sports fans can spend weekends like this most recent one cheering the eleven on to further victories – hopefully then you would all have scored better than the dismal score I guessed that you got on my pop quiz.

But let’s face it. That is simply not going to happen right now. Despite the fact that the campus already has a conveniently shaped parking lot, fully equipped with scoreboard, there are other priorities. So I – and most others – have already given up that argument. But that’s no reason to give up on the baseball team, especially this season, when they boast a 6-5 record and have already won more home games than they did all of last season. Oh, and starting pitcher Warren Sizemore was just awarded Big East Pitcher of the Week honors (another point for getting this one right).

That in mind, I propose a solution far simpler than making the new arts center baseball field-shaped and putting the Hoyas’ home on its roof (though, for Georgetown, that doesn’t seem too far-fetched). The simple solution is busing.

We have already got the buses. We already transport students to CI Center for basketball games. If the team is forced to play in Bethesda – and for the time being that seems to be the only possibility – students should be able to get there for free, just like they are able to do for men’s basketball games at CI.

It’s a sad truth that one bus would likely transport all those students interested in going to the games. One short bus would probably do it. But who knows. If students knew it was available to them, it just might become at the very least a new form of procrastination. In the best case scenario, though, it builds enthusiasm for the team, and with any luck one bus would soon be too small.

OK, maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.

In an honest estimation, this solution is probably less likely than putting a field on the roof of the new boathouse or business school. The sad and simple truth is that the university will never accede to sending a bus out to Shirley Povich Field (give yourself 10 points if you got this one right).

The difference between the baseball and basketball teams is that the university can make money off of the basketball team. “Can” is the operative word there; as in, they can make money, but they don’t. In recent years the university has actually lost money from the basketball team, despite the fact that it charges for tickets. And I have no doubt that they lose more on the basketball team than it would cost to run a bus out to Bethesda a couple of times each weekend.

I’m not saying the university should stop sending buses to CI for basketball games, but if both teams are playing off campus, then students should have access to free transportation to both team’s games. Neither team is making the university money and the baseball team has a higher winning percentage.

Besides, it’s a beautiful spring day. Didn’t your mother ever tell you to go outside and get some fresh air?

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