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In the Spotlight: Dave Paulus

Mitch Fox/The Hoya

Sport: Football

Position: Quarterback/Punter

Hometown: Manlius, N.Y.

High Schools: Christian Brothers Academy

School/Year: MSB ’03

Majors: Accounting and Marketing

High School Highlights: Two-time All-Central New York selection at quarterback . Captain of both the basketball and football teams.

Georgetown Highlights: First Georgetown player to be named Patriot League Offensive Player of the Week . Named ECAC Division I-AA Offensive Player of the week . Named Co-National Player of the Week by Don Hansen’s National Weekly Football Gazette for game vs. Bucknell . Current Patriot League Standings: Ranks No. 1 in career punting with 38.0 yards per punt average . First in number of punts with 218 and in punting yardage with 8,294 . Fourth in total offense with 3,360 yards . Second in completion percentage with .549 . Fifth for passing completions (243) and seventh in passing attempts (443) . Third in TD passes with 34 . Ranks fifth in passing yardage with 3,153 . 2001: Third on the team in all-purpose yardage, amassing 390 on the season . Rushed from scrimmage for 120 yards and was second on the team in kickoff return yardage with 230 . Ended the year with 20 of 42 for 218 yards with one touchdown at quarterback . Team punter averaging 37.2 yards per kick . Placed 10 punts inside the 20 . Went 3 of 8 for 57 yards and a touchdown at Marist . Threw for 86 yards in the final game of the year against Towson . 2000: Had the third-best passing yardage season in Georgetown history with 2,147 . Had 2,272 yards of total offense, the third-highest total at Georgetown . Set a single-game record with 462 yards of total offense and six touchdown passes vs. Butler . Threw 20 touchdown passes . Averaged 37.6 yards per punt . 1999: Averaged 36.8 yards per punt.

What’s your favorite thing about playing football? The camaraderie. It’s just being one of the boys and the opportunities we have out there. It’s a lot of fun – those guys are my best friends, we’re very close. It’s kinda like our own little fraternity.

Siblings: I’m the oldest of seven – six boys and a girl (she’s well-protected). We’re all very close.

Most common reason for sibling fights: Competition. Among everything – who’s best at this, who gets the best grades in the house, fighting for attention. And we’re always pushing each other around.

What’s it like being on the same team as your brothers? It’s a lot of fun. We’re really close. Not a lot of people get the opportunity to play on the same team together, especially three of us. Matt, a junior, used to play linebacker, and Danny, a sophomore, is a wide receiver.

Biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome: Setting an example. Being the oldest of seven kids, everything I do is under the spotlight. It carries over into football, as quarterback – it’s a highly visible spot. Whether it’s going out on a Saturday night, I’m always trying to do the right thing, always trying to set a good example.

Best thing about being the oldest of seven? I’m the experiment. My parents don’t know what to expect, we’re learning all the time. The oldest is the first one to do everything, and it’s usually the most important.

Favorite movie: Hoosiers.

Least favorite movie: I don’t like The Goonies. I think that movie’s terrible.

Other sports you’ve played: Basketball. I played for two years on the team here – I was a guard. I quit to focus on school and grades. And then last year we joined the Patriot League, and they needed a bigger time commitment from me.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about football players? That we’re meatheads. There are a lot of guys that are bright. People think that just because we’re bigger than six feet, and weigh more than 250 pounds, we’re meatheads.

The non-sports related achievement you’re proudest of: Being here at Georgetown. It’s a great academic school. Without sports, I wouldn’t be here, but maybe even opening the door for my brothers, or maybe my kids someday.

What are your plans for after graduation? Hopefully to get a job, anywhere in the financial field. Hopefully living somewhere in a big city and having fun – enjoying post-grad life.

Worst fear: I’m scared of heights.

Biggest pet peeve: I’m a neat-freak. I’ve been a janitor for nine years, and it rubs off on everything.

Earliest childhood memory: Anything to do with my family – we’re just really close. My parents and everything they’ve done for me, and being around my brothers.

If you could be great at any sport besides football and basketball, which one would it be and why? Golf. I enjoy golf and the patience that it takes to play. I aspire to be like Tiger Woods, to have his determination. And most of all, the humility. Plus, you can play it until you’re really old and it doesn’t wreck your body.

Thing you’ll miss most about college: My friends. Not being in that environment when you can see them every day or play football with them or doing things you like to do or just hanging out. You can’t just go across the hall and see what’s going on – it’ll be a phone call away or an email away next year.

One word to describe yourself: Fun. I’d like to think I try to make everything fun and have a good time.

One word your girlfriend would use to describe you: Nice – a nice guy.

If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be and why? Michael Jordan – I idolize him. I grew up on him and he just represents greatness in everything he does.

Worst injury you’ve ever had: My left shoulder. I’ve had two shoulder surgeries on it, and I’ll probably need another one after this year. It’s been constantly nagging me since junior year in high school – it never goes away.

Best concert you’ve ever been to: A concert “K-Rock,” a radio station, throws together every summer. It’s like a huge party, like a smaller Woodstock. It’s any kind of rock bands, heavy metal, and music like that.

Best Georgetown memory: My Freshman year during Christmas break – we had to stay here for basketball. At one practice, I got yelled at by Patrick Ewing because I didn’t get over an offensive pick quick enough. I just thought it was such an honor. I went home and told my family and friends that Patrick Ewing yelled at me.

Coolest place you’ve ever traveled to: Newport Beach, just south of L.A. I went this summer, and it was my first time over there. I visited my girlfriend. It was just incredible – the beaches and coves there. It would be equivalent to the Rocky ountains or Yellowstone National Park – just beautiful mountains, trees, and flowers. Plus, it was a really good time.

Favorite place on campus: Copley Lawn, with all the people and everything. There’s always something going on. And in the spring and fall there are always games going on. I like sitting on the benches and watching the people, and hanging out with friends.

If you could meet any athlete, dead or alive, who would it be and why? Muhammad Ali, just because he was so big, not only in boxing, but in everything he did. He was a huge political figure and the things he stood for – I really respect that about him.

Person you admire the most: My mom. She raised seven kids and she’s the hardest working person I’ve ever met in my life. I’ll never be able to do enough to repay what she’s given me.

Most prized possession: My family.

Most embarrassing moment: Let’s just keep it general and say I’ve had a couple. Usually they happen late at night on a Friday or Saturday. My friends know about them. (Any party with ike “Flash” Flaherty or Keenan Flynn.)

One thing you’d like to be remembered for: Leaving a mark. On the football team, that includes doing something for the football program, whether it’s winning games or cheering the guys on. For school, doing well, being in a position to achieve for the next forty years. And as a person, doing the right thing – making good judgments and making friends.

Characteristic you value most in a friend: Loyalty.

Favorite musician/band: The group 112. It’s an R&B-type group. I also like Tupac.

Three magazines on your ideal coffee table: ESPN The Magazine, Sports Illustrated and Maxim.

What’s something you always do before a game? I stretch a lot – I’m a big stretcher. I stretch everything, everywhere, in every way. The guys are always giving me a hard time about it.

Favorite way to relax: I take a shower.

Do you have any hobbies? I try to be well-rounded – it’s important to me. I try to do different things on campus like seeing a play or musicals, or sporting events.

If you could change one rule about football, what would it be? No punting, so you have to go for it on the fourth down. I like going for it on the fourth down.

Favorite restaurant in Georgetown: The Tombs. Their burgers and wings are fabulous – they’re the best.

Besides winning, what’s a goal you have for your last two games? Leaving my teammates with something to build on next year, instill confidence in them.

One thing you hope to do before you graduate: I want to defend my jousting title at Georgetown Day. I haven’t lost in two years – no football guy can beat me.

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