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Late-Night Brawl Erupts on N Street

An argument that began with an exchange of angry words over the accusation that two individuals stole dietary supplements from a house party escalated into a physical fight on N Street early Saturday morning.

Witnesses said six to eight males were involved in the fight at various times. The fight appeared to be between a group of Georgetown students and two unidentified college-age males, none of whom were reported as arrested or hospitalized.

The fight, which occurred on the sidewalk and in the middle of the 3600 block of N Street, began when two unidentified males allegedly tried to steal what looked like a container for vitamins or a type of nutritional supplement from a house hosting a gathering in the 3600 block of N Street. according to witnesses.

Jason Milliken (COL ’11) was in the house where the two were suspected of attempting to steal the supplements. He said that he heard a person inside the house say to the two, “You’re gonna put those back, right?”

He said he then saw the student pull a white, plastic jar-like container out of his jacket.

The two students then left the house after being told to leave by residents of the house, but the disagreement moved out to the street, witnesses said.

According to another observer, William McMahon (MSB ’11), the students involved in the fight exchanged derogatory words for several minutes before the fight.

cMahon said he heard people yelling as he walked by and turned to see the situation as it was escalating.

“There were six to eight guys yelling at two,” McMahon said, adding that the two being yelled at were behaving more aggressively.

embers of the groups were shoving each other before one of the two alleged thieves was thrown to the ground. He came up swinging, McMahon said, and the fray ensued.

“It was crazy,” McMahon said.

Another witness, who was granted anonymity because he reported the incident to the Department of Public Safety, said the entire incident involved at least two separate fights at once, one of which, he said, looked especially violent.

“Eventually . a guy gets pushed down, and another guy gets on top of him,” the witness said. “Then there was a third guy kicking the shit out of [the first one].”

The physical part of the altercation lasted two to three minutes, the witness who called DPS said. He said that the male being kicked looked like he received some serious blows.

“The way he was getting kicked, it looked like it could leave some lasting damage,” the witness said.

cMahon also reported that at least one of the individuals was bleeding.

The witness said the scene was “messy” and that as the fight started to settle down, he decided to call DPS.

“It looked like the fight had kind of stopped, but it looked like it was not a good situation,” the anonymous witness said.

Several DPS officers responded to the call five minutes later and “busted out the megaphone” to clear people out of the street who were leaving the broken-up parties, he said.

cMahon said he saw some of the fighters walk away from the scene as DPS officers began arriving. Both McMahon and the anonymous witness said they did not see DPS make any arrests.

A DPS representative was not available for comment.

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