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Looking Back and Leaping Forward — Amir Sufi

Looking Back and Leaping Forward – Amir Sufi

Former Hoya editor reflect upon their time at Georgetown and at The Hoya.

I vaguely remember walking into that wretched excuse for a dormitory some call Harbin and the ascend up to the ninth floor – the sweaty stench of Phil Strunk (COL ’99) was the perfect introduction to my overall experience at Georgetown: damp and smelly. I was a famed member of the infamous “lost cluster,” the group of men (most of whom I still live with) that shunned the rest of our too social floor because we thought we were better. Other than the occasional loud mouth screaming (no names mentioned) and GUSA tools visiting, it was a fine experience.

Well, things have changed (other than us still thinking we’re better). As the class of 1999, we are collectively aging and waking up to the realization that ’80s music will soon be labeled “oldies,” that we are the few who still think it’s Bruce Hornsby when the radio plays 2PAC and that we are to be held accountable for our actions in the too near future.

I remember the good ol’ days. Making fun of people, thinking the walk to New South was long, knowing that a 14 x 14 dormroom, two cases of Natty Light and a cable television was a recipe for perfection on a weekend evening. Alas, I did fight authority, but meetings with the resident director, time-consuming classes and the search for funds revealed life’s painful truth: Authority always wins (Mellon is always better than the Boss, Mike).

By now, you might expect a sentimental shout-out to all the friends and family that have made my experience on the hilltop oh-so-special. You might also want to read that crap about as much as I want to write it. So, as usual, I will tell you all what I really think.

To the Underclassman: They say it’s harder to get into this place than it was four years ago, but I don’t believe it. You have shown me the true meaning of idiocy. Your antics are uncreative, your ambitions for power annoying and your relentless ability to find a party you are not invited to is uncanny. And hey, the more seniors you know, the cooler you are.

To The Hoya: Bravo to improved journalism, layout and style. It looks far better than when I was there. But it’s not all positive. I was on the board when the Guide was first envisioned. It was good; but somewhere it went oh-so wrong. Running blatantly offensive inappropriate in-house ads – whoever is at fault – apparently increases your popularity among the five people that read the obscure CD reviews and sub-mediocre columns that make up the Guide. Having a pullout section might be a good idea, but not if it’s crap.

To GUSA: I have been blessed to live under the reign of the two finest back-to-back adminstrations in GUSA history. Nice guys, friends to all, who understand what they are: representatives of students. But on the horizon I see a new band of wanna-be lawyer bloodsuckers who will stop at nothing to follow in the footsteps of Clinton. If student apathy prevents the absolute littering of campus with dumbass fliers every April, let’s hear it for student apathy! I have a GUSA proposal: The people who still have GUSA campaign fliers posted should be rounded up and forced to paint the walls of an ICC room over and over until their respective year of graduation.

To ex-Gonzo Members: What happened to the humor? What happened to the sarcasm? What happened to the comic relief once every two months? Where have you gone, Micah Sachs? You don’t believe in Jesus anyway, hey hey hey …

To the Department of Public Safety: Shouts out. I used to run from you and despise you, but now I know you’re right: We need protection from ourselves. Sorry about all the incidents, but we always did everything in good fun. Thanks for staying out of Nordoff 5, cuz we really are 21, and watch out for these young `uns. They’re up to no good.

To the School of Foreign Service: Long titles for classes and majors don’t make us sound more sophisticated. They only make us look like dumbasses when a recruiter asks what your major is and your say, “International Economic Theory and Policy and its Effects on Female Genital Mutilation in Northern Africa, sir.” The only career it prepares you for is the Assistant Secretary of State in Charge of Pestilent Lesser Developed Countries and Their Beefalo Populations. Let’s get back to the basics – we really aren’t as smart as we all might think.

To my roommates: I have looked forward to May 31, 1999 from the time I first moved in with you stinky, dirty, good-for-nothing monkeys. Living with you guys has been like pulling every one of my teeth out of my mouth, teething, growing them back and pulling them again. Its no wonder I turned out warped and miserable … So, are we getting housed tonight or what?

To Georgetown University: Thanks for the good times, a great education and most importantly, the diploma. You have treated me well, but frankly, four years was enough.

WARNING: The above bitterness was written in a mad rush and under the pressure of a thesis necessary for graduation. It behooves all who must face such evil to get it done early and out of the way. Ignoring it until the last minute turns otherwise sociable persons into bitter, unpleasant individuals. In other words, just messin’ around.

Amir Sufi is a former Viewpoint editor of The Hoya.

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