Though there have been no reported thefts in Village C West since the start of the academic year, the Office of Housing Services recently changed all the locks in the Y wing of the third and fourth floors.

An e-mail was sent to all residents of those floors on Oct. 24 informing them of the change.

“In order to maintain the integrity of the lock system, the university is changing out the keys for your room on Wednesday, October 24th,” the e-mail said.

According to Kendyl Clausen (COL ’16), no other explanation was offered for the lock changes.

“Nobody told us why, but we got an email saying that [the locks] would be changed. I haven’t noticed any thefts, and nobody on my floor has, that I know of,” she said.

University spokeswoman Stacy Kerr stated that the change was necessary to ensure the continued safety of students and their residences.

“In an effort to promote a safe residential community, the Housing Office, in conjunction with the Lock Shop, takes steps to ensure the integrity of the key systems. In some instances that will involve lock changes to certain residence areas,” she said. “These steps are on top of other key security measures we employ year round.”

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