The Department of Public Safety and the Metropolitan Police Department responded to an attempted robbery and assault on a woman who was walking near Reservoir Road early Tuesday morning.

According to a broadcast e-mail from university safety officials, a blue vehicle pulled up near the victim, who was visiting campus, at around 1:20 a.m., and an unidentified female got out and attempted to take the visitor’s pocketbook.

The victim held on to her pocketbook. After being hit in the face several times by the suspect, she pushed her assaulter to the ground and ran to Georgetown University Hospital, the release said.

According to DPS Director Darryl Harrison, the victim did not suffer any serious injuries from the assault and attempted robbery.

“The victim in the robbery attempt is doing well, and the injuries were non-serious,” he said.

MPD arrested four suspects early Thursday morning. The suspects were arrested after trying to rob a lone female on Connecticut Ave. near the National Zoo, Harrison said.

According to Harrison, the four individuals, two males and two females, were driving a blue Chevrolet.

“[The] incident is similar in nature to the recent robbery attempt, and we’ll be coordinating with the Second District” of MPD, Harrison said.

Vice President for University Safety Dave Morrell said that although the style of this incident resembled those of several other crimes in the fall 2006 semester in which a vehicle would pull up near a victim, he did not believe them to be related.

“We do not believe there is any connection,” Morrell said.

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