America faces a stark choice on Tuesday. As millions of voters take to their polling stations nationwide, we must ask ourselves: Who is best prepared to lead America forward and restore and enhance the qualities that have made us the freest, wealthiest and most exceptional nation on earth? I am more confident than ever that the Republican Party is best positioned to lead an American renaissance – a reawakening of the innovative spirit that has made this country great.

President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have failed our country. The Democratic Party has failed our country. Their policy prescriptions are products of a laboratory of leftist lunacy and have already begun to wreak havoc. The litany of abuses that have been committed by Democrats is staggering. They promised the $832 billion “stimulus” package would keep unemployment under 8 percent. It now hovers around 9 percent. Republicans like Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan came forward with a true stimulus that would cost half as much and, by the president’s own metrics, create twice as many jobs. They were laughed out of the White House.

Obama then promised that health care proceedings would be televised so that the American people could better inform themselves about this exceedingly complex issue. He shamelessly broke his word. Not only that, but the Democrat majorities strong-armed one of the most abominable bills in our national history: a bill that slashes $500 billion from Medicare, rations care, puts government bureaucrats between doctors and patients and is blatantly unconstitutional. Congressional Republicans agreed our health care system is broken, and energetically proposed a series of reforms. They even agreed with numerous provisions of Obamacare, such as those ensuring coverage of children and pre-existing conditions. But the trillion-dollar behemoth passed by Democrats will cause incalculable harm to our already suffering health care system. The fact that Pelosi quipped, “We must pass the bill to find out what was in it,” is an inexcusable breach of the trust of the American people.

Democrats’ ignorance on energy is crystallized in their incompetent cap-and-trade plan. This measure would destroy jobs, jack up consumer prices, raise taxes and ultimately leave the world with a dirtier environment as we send industries to less-regulated countries like China and India.

I could go on. Out of political cowardice, Democrats failed to pass a budget for the first time since 1974. Between Presidents George Washington and George W. Bush, we incurred nearly $9 trillion in debt as a country. In the past 18 months, we’ve added close to $3 trillion to that figure.

What we’ve ultimately seen out of Democrats is an example of effete, amateurish and disastrous “leadership” that operates on the offensive assumption that big government knows best. The Democratic Party ought to be ashamed of itself for mortgaging America’s future. It deserves nothing less than the full wrath of the American voter.

Republicans, meanwhile, have a lot of work to do in convincing Americans that they deserve the honor of running the show on Capitol Hill and beyond. The party has admittedly strayed from its conservative principles, but with fresh new leadership, I am personally inspired by the new and improved GOP.

This is what Republicans will bring to America: tax cuts for small businesses, repeal of job-killing mandates, capped earmarks, government spending cuts, balanced budgets, no more bailouts, reformed medical liability and expanded consumer choice in the health care market. Republicans will mandate that bills before Congress be made publicly available at least 72 hours before a vote. They will force constitutional provisions to be cited, will encourage bipartisan debate and will streamline the legislative process.

Republican candidates are about strengthening America in terms of both economic and national security. From the state to national level, Republicans are offering creative conservative solutions to the most pressing problems we face. The GOP offers the business acumen of Carly Fiorina, the passion of Marco Rubio, the battle-tested resolve of Tom Corbett, the fierce independence of Nikki Haley and the statesmanship of John Hoeven. Like Democrats, Republican ranks feature some colorful characters, but on the whole, Republican leadership across this country will mean thoughtful, deliberative and mature government.

The Republican Party’s goal is to restore faith in the American dream by empowering individuals to chart their own destiny. America is a land of optimism and genius, of risk-taking and struggle. Americans work hard and value faith, family and freedom above all else. With Republicans in charge, our government can return to doing precisely what it does best: investing in the boundless enterprise and the tremendous character of the American people. Georgetown: Wake up and vote Republican.

Sam Dulik is a sophomore in the School of Foreign Service. He can be reached at QUORUM CALL appears every other Friday.

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