What does your coffee order say about you?

Large Coffee

You frequently stay up past midnight, huddled over your laptop reading blurry PDFs and trying to understand just what you’re supposed to be getting out of them. You need this coffee, or you’ll become openly belligerent toward most of the people in your seminar. Try to stay awake for most of your class.


Ordering a plain old hot chocolate would have felt a little too immature, but you really need a sweet fix after a rough day. Maybe it’s raining, or maybe you just took an economics midterm — we understand. Go forth and drink your well-deserved reward. You can work it off at Yates tomorrow.

Iced Tea

You “don’t drink coffee” but feel a little left out by everyone else with a cup. Maybe your hometown lacks the Starbucks locations that have become ubiquitous in other cities, or you never saw the appeal of overpriced, bitter water. But now you’re in college, and so you’ll order an iced coffee next time.


You like to keep things sophisticated with this classic beverage. Lattes are neither as simple as coffee nor as complex as other espresso drinks, but you don’t mind spending a bit more for this middle-of-the-road treat. Of course, the chance to flirt with the cute barista provided no incentive for your purchase. And, milk is good for you, right?


You weren’t really sure what this was when you first ordered it — you just heard a bunch of other people do it. But now you’re addicted to the heavenly combination of milk and tea, even if your wallet takes a hit every time you enter the library. It helps that you enjoy the way you look with a coffee cup in your hand.

Italian Soda

You cast aside soda and coffee because your tastes will be satisfied by nothing short of this strange, sugary concoction. You’re not sure what makes it Italian, but you won’t let that stop you from making this indie purchase. You like to think that lime and pomegranate matches your unique personality.

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