About the Website

TheHoya.com provides another excellent opportunity for advertisers to further reach the Georgetown University community with more exposure to alumni, parents, and local community residents. Updated daily, TheHoya.com is the first stop for students to catch up on breaking news, current events, sports updates, student opinion, and much more.

Online Readership

The newspaper’s website brings in over +32,000 page views (impressions) per week.


Ad Space CPM Rate Size (Pixels)
Top Leaderboard Banner $13.00 728 x 90
Top Right-Side Box $12.00 300 x 250
Body Right-Side Boxes $7.00 300 x 250
Body Tall Box $6.00 160 x 600
Bottom Banner $8.00 468 x 60


Cost per mille (cost per thousand impressions) is the standard rate by which we charge.


The deadline for space reservation, payment, and all copy and art is two business days prior to the start date of the placement.

Press Specifications

• Advertisements must be in one of the following formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, HTML, Flash, or Javascript. • Color Reproduction: Full color ads must be in RGB format.

Credit and Billing Policies

• Advertising must be prepaid until a relationship has been established through reliable and timely payment of all invoices.

• Visa, MasterCard, cash, and check are accepted.

• Impressions must be purchased in multiples of 1,000 and a minimum of 5,000 impressions must be purchased.

• Once the number of impressions paid is reached, the ad will be removed.

• Overdue payments may be subject to late fees.

For More Information

Please contact the Online Advertisements Manager at [email protected] or the Director of Sales at [email protected] to purchase space on the website or one of our blogs (with special low, flat rates).

Print and Online Advertising Packages

If you have general questions about advertising with The Hoya, or if you would like to purchase print and online advertisements together, please contact the Director of Sales at [email protected]

All advertising is subject to The Hoya’s Policies and Terms of Agreement. The Hoya reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement for any reason and to regulate the typographical tone, design, and size of ads to comply with The Hoya’s format.