BRITTANY DILIBERTO FOR THE FOLGER SHAKESPEARE LIBRARY | The actors in "1 Henry IV" take each character and mold it to their own interpretation of the play, improving upon and building off of their source material.

‘1 Henry IV’ Cast Showcases Acting Prowess at Folger Theatre

When Prince Hal utters the pivotal line “I know you all” during his famous monologue at the end of act one, scene two of William Shakespeare’s “1 Henry IV,” he addresses his relationship with his drunken father figure turned fellow bar chum Falstaff. However, when actor Avery Whitted delivered the[Read More…]

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@MASKANDBAUBLE/INSTAGRAM | The Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society is just one of Georgetown's student-run theater groups that foster creativity and self-expression while building community. Bradley Cooper (COL '97) was also involved in theater at Georgetown.

Campus Theater Groups Foster Creativity, Reflection

Whether through the theater and performance studies program or student-run groups like the Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society, GU Black Theatre Ensemble and Nomadic Theatre, theater productions help shape the experiences of many students by creating a channel for success outside of the academic sphere and providing new, daring opportunities[Read More…]

MASK AND BAUBLE INSTAGRAM | A musical unlike many others, "Hello Again" features a series of encounters throughout history that share stories of human connection and separation.

Mask and Bauble’s ‘Hello Again’ Tells Century-Long Love Story

Mask and Bauble’s spring musical “Hello Again” is a rumination on romance. Based on Arthur Schnitzler’s 1897 play “La Ronde,” the show explores the entanglement of love and lust through a series of 10 two-person vignettes that bleed into one another. After each scene, the pursued becomes the pursuer and[Read More…]

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Performances Shine in ‘The Jewish Queen Lear’

From lions and warthogs on the African savannah to Italian and Puerto Rican gangs on the west side of Manhattan, reimagining Shakespeare in unusual or contemporary contexts is nothing new. “The Jewish Queen Lear” follows this well-worn path mostly successfully, examining not a medieval English King, but rather a widowed[Read More…]

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‘Vanity Fair’ Adaptation Stays True to Heart of Play

‘Vanity Fair’ Adaptation Stays True to Heart of Play

“I never blush,” declares the smirking Becky Sharp, the principal character of Shakespeare Theatre Company’s “Vanity Fair.” Between scholarship, film and even a 2018 Amazon Studios miniseries, the character from William Makepeace Thackeray’s mid-Victorian era novel has been treated as both a plucky heroine and a relentlessly ambitious antiheroine. This[Read More…]

Amy Li/The Hoya | Centered around the lives of three teenagers — Cristin Cowley (MSB ’20) as Diwata, left, Nate Weiand (COL ’21) as Solomon, right, and Ben Ulrich (SFS ’20) as Howie — “Speech & Debate” is an inventive and enthralling experience, from the performances to the production value. Directed by Mark Camilli, the play deals with timely issues affecting young people.

Powerful Performances Shine in ‘Speech & Debate’

On the surface, “Speech & Debate” seems dry and cliche-ridden: Three outcast teenagers in an oppressively conservative town come together to form a debate club. Below the surface, Georgetown University’s Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society’s newest production is anything but predictable. A production co-sponsored with the theater and performance studies[Read More…]

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Photo by Mark Douet

‘An Inspector Calls’ Critiques Society’s Conscience

This article discusses suicide. Please refer to the end of the article for resources on campus. As the lights dimmed, bomb sirens roared and fog emerged in the Shakespeare Theatre Company’s Sidney Harman Hall on Nov. 26; the audience was transported to 1912 England. Coupling comedy with death and opulence[Read More…]

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Folger Shakespeare Library

‘King John’ Retains Relevance in Current Political Climate

The Folger Theatre put out another stellar production with its witty rendition of “King John,” one of Shakespeare’s lesser-known histories. Director Aaron Posner delves into the nuance of power, flawed leadership and commodity through the 13th-century play, which explores the delicate and wholly complicated nature of familial life. Over the[Read More…]

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Georgetown University Department of Performing Arts

‘Our Class’ Masterfully Presents Haunting Reminder of History, Warning for Future

“This play will give people a chance to really notice things in the world that are transpiring, that matter, and how they have the opportunity to make a difference — it is a beautiful communal event. It’s a courageous, humane work that will inspire people,” Derek Goldman, a professor of[Read More…]

Courtesy Skye Lindberg

Singing and Tap-Dancing Alum in ‘Anything Goes’ Musical Explains the Value of Theater Education

For nearly 70 years, nonprofit regional theater Arena Stage has masterfully conveyed the U.S. spirit on stage, and its Gold Standard Musical this fall is no exception. “Anything Goes” is a classic full of mischief and amusement. This lively show would not be complete without its iconic tap dancing, and[Read More…]

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