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GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY INVESTMENT FUND/FACEBOOK | Finance and consulting clubs attract students from all four undergraduate colleges, but in particular those in the McDonough School of Business. These organizations help students develop preprofessional skills, work on team projects and start establishing connections with experienced professionals in the field.

Finance Clubs Build Skills, Forge Appealing Connections

Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union, the Hilltop Microfinance Initiative, the Georgetown University Student Investment Fund, Hilltop Consultants, the Georgetown Accounting Society — the list goes on. These organizations help prepare students on campus for careers in the finance industry and have witnessed strong student interest in the[Read More…]

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IGLESIAS-AYALA: Pioneering Minority Representation

IGLESIAS-AYALA: Pioneering Minority Representation

The Spanish translation of this article can be found below. La traducción al español de este artículo se puede encontrar a continuación. First-generation women of color are faced with pursuing and upholding representation in systems that are not made for us. Though Georgetown has taught me how to achieve representation[Read More…]

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@GeorgetownWomeninScience | The Georgetown Graduate Women in Business and Women in Science and Education student groups were bestowed grants from the American Association of University Women this week. The funds will be designated towards supporting women in underrepresented fields.

Women’s Leadership Grant Awarded to Graduate Student Groups

Two Georgetown graduate student groups were awarded a combined $5,000 grant by the American Association of University Women to continue their work in advancing female leadership in business and science. The funds will be used to support women in fields where they are currently underrepresented, with the grant directed to[Read More…]

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MAGGIE CHEN/THE HOYA The McDonough School of Business launched a yearlong program for residents of Washington, D.C., released from correctional facilities to obtain certificates in business and entrepreneurship.

Georgetown Launches Inmate Re-Entry and Education Program

Washington, D.C. residents released from local correctional facilities are eligible for an academic and employment-centered fellowship program. The Georgetown Pivot Program is a fellowship for formerly incarcerated individuals through a one-year transition and re-entry program with a non-credit-bearing certificate in business and entrepreneurship. The program, which began this November, is[Read More…]

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2018 graduates of MBA programs had a 98 percent employment rate three months after graduation, a new record for the program.

MBA Graduates Set Record Salaries and Employment

Graduates from the Master of Business Administration program set new records in 2018 for salaries and job placements, the McDonough MBA Career Center announced Oct. 31. For the class of 2018, 98 percent of graduates received an employment offer within three months of graduation, an increase from 93 percent in[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Learning the ‘Rules of the Game’

Business has historically been dominated by white men who wrote the business world’s rules in ways that left little room for blacks and other people of color. Success in business should be determined by qualities such as the abilities to innovate and generate value; however, entrance into my preferred field[Read More…]

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Mayor Muriel Bowser announced Sept. 5 that a new Inclusive Innovation Fund, in partnership with the Marathon Foundation, will invest in minority-owned Washington, D.C. businesses beginning in 2019

Innovation Fund to Invest in Minority-Owned DC Businesses

A new Inclusive Innovation Fund is set to invest in developing Washington, D.C. businesses owned by minority entrepreneurs, Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) announced Sept. 5. The fund, which is being organized in partnership with The Marathon Foundation, is meant to benefit people of color, women, members of the LGBTQ community,[Read More…]

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BLUEMERCURY Bluemercury Co-Founder Marla Malcolm Beck addressed Professor Michael Ryan's Personal Finance class last month and encouraged students to explore their interests and work in small steps toward their goals.

Bluemercury Co-Founder Advises Exploration, Problem Solving in Career Building

Getting a foot in the door is key to starting any career, beauty and skincare company Bluemercury co-founder and CEO Marla Malcolm Beck told Georgetown professor Michael Ryan’s “Personal Finance” class April 16. “Personal Finance” is a course designed for students to increase their financial literacy before graduating and one[Read More…]

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JPMorgan Chase Set to Increase Philanthropic Investments in DC Area

JPMorgan Chase Set to Increase Philanthropic Investments in DC Area

JPMorgan Chase plans to increase philanthropic investments and create up to 70 new branches and 700 new jobs in the Washington, D.C.-Maryland-Virginia region, an expansion that Chase executives say will benefit lower-income communities. The firm will designate $4 billion to invest in affordable housing and small business development over the[Read More…]

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MUCHOW: Re-Engineering Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs seek to transform ways of doing business to create better results. But we can re-engineer how entrepreneurship is taught at Georgetown University so it can better meet the real problems entrepreneurs face when they leave the classroom to start companies. Georgetown has made real progress in the teaching of[Read More…]

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