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@ARABIAANALYST/TWITTER | President of the People’s Justice Party Anwar Ibrahim, right, expected Malaysian prime minister, urged cooperation among communities of different faiths at an event Tuesday.

Expected Malaysian Prime Minister Calls for Interreligious Dialogue

The Muslim world must practice interreligious understanding if it is to sustain democracy, said president of the People’s Justice Party Anwar Ibrahim, expected Malaysian prime minister, at an event Tuesday. Ibrahim is a senior fellow at the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding and served as a Georgetown[Read More…]

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MIT Middle East historian Pouya Alimagham described the effects of popular resistance in Iran's political development following the 1979 Iranian Revolution at an event Oct. 3.

Youth Influenced Political Development in Iran, Middle East Historian Says

Iran’s Green Movement in 2009 represents the influence youth can have on a country’s political development, modern Middle East historian Pouya Alimagham said at an event Oct. 3 in the Intercultural Center. The Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding hosted Alimagham’s discussion, which examined state ideology and popular protest[Read More…]

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NATALIE ISÉ FOR THE HOYA Bernard Adeney-Risakotta urged both Western and Indonesian scholars to look beyond the rise radical Islam and into elements of Indonesia's secular society at an event in the Intercultural Center Oct. 2.

Indonesian Professor Predicts Growth of Indonesia’s Influence on Islam

Indonesia has the potential to become a leader in the global Islamic community, University professor of Indonesian society and culture Bernard Adeney-Risakotta said at an event Oct. 2 in the Intercultural Center. The discussion, hosted by the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, centered on religion and democracy[Read More…]

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Sufi Scholarship of the 18th Century Influenced Islamic Thought, Northwestern Professor Says

The Tijaniyyah branch of Sufism in Islam had a larger influence on Islamic thought than many historians believe, Northwestern University Professor Zachary Wright said at an event Friday afternoon in the Edward B. Bunn S.J. Intercultural Center. Wright teaches at Northwestern University in Qatar and focuses his studies on the[Read More…]

COHEN: Clinging to the Remains of Coexistence

The bazaars of Bukhara, Uzbekistan, play host to a symphony of languages. Melons are bought and sold with boisterous exchanges in Uzbek and Tajik. Ceramic salesmen hawk their blue-glazed teacups in Russian, a vestige of the city’s tsarist and Soviet past. European tourists haggle with shrewd shopkeepers purveying handmade rugs[Read More…]

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Reconciling Drug Use With Ethics and Religion

As a Jesuit university, Georgetown has always had a strong connection to religious traditions and ethics. But when drugs are involved, deeply held beliefs can seem dizzying and contradictory. From professional ethicists to everyday men and women of faith, Hoyas are doing the hard work of analyzing the ethics of[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Why I Left the College Republicans Board

On Feb. 27, I resigned my position as secretary of the Georgetown University College Republicans. Being an elected board member of the College Republicans was a dream of mine since I was first accepted into Georgetown, and I was blessed to have such an early opportunity to do so. I,[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Defiance in the Face of Danger

President Donald Trump’s executive order last week repudiated the core values of interfaith understanding, compassion and coexistence that ought to guide the university — and the country. The ban indefinitely suspends the resettlement of Syrian refugees and temporarily bars nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States. In[Read More…]

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Francois Valentin

VALENTIN: Necessity of Naming Our Threats

Words matter, especially when you are a president. The presidency of George W. Bush was packed with blunders and poor word choices, many of which have remained the object of ridicule long after his term. However, while leaders must understand the consequences of their phrasing, they should not be discouraged[Read More…]

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Nicholas Scrimenti

SCRIMENTI: Practicing Faith In Surveillance Era

Religion would be nothing without the bonds of community. It is the sphere in which we can connect with people who share our beliefs and culture and can safely speak and explore our ideas, doubts and concerns. There is incredible freedom in being able to practice faith with others in[Read More…]

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