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FLORES: Collaboration, Not Division, Needed on Immigration

As a candidate, Donald Trump disparaged Mexican and Central American immigrants by saying they are bringing drugs and crime to the United States. Trump also pledged the swift removal of immigrants without documentation living in the United States and the construction of a wall along America’s southern border. During his[Read More…]

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POR OTRO LADO: Reflections on Día de los Muertos

POR OTRO LADO: Reflections on Día de los Muertos

While Hoyas on the Hilltop were recovering from Halloween weekend adventures, I travelled to Oaxaca de Juárez, the capital of the state of Oaxaca, to experience Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. We arrived in the city just as the sun began to rise on the morning[Read More…]

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U.S.-Mexico relations are at a turning point according to Mexican Ambassador Zabalgoitia

US-Mexico Relationship Faces Dire Threat, Speakers Warn

The historic United States-Mexico relationship faces an existential threat as public perception of both countries shifts and threatens diplomatic cooperation, a panel of experts argued Tuesday. The speakers examined political and economic factors stressing the relationship between the two countries, including the ongoing renegotiations of the North American Free Trade[Read More…]

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A group of energy experts discussed the challenges facing Latin American countries like Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and Mexico, in combatting climate change, sustaining economic growth and pushing for sustainable energy Oct.

Latin America Faces Energy Infrastructure Hurdles, Experts Argue

Latin American countries must overcome significant infrastructure problems before transitioning to more sustainable forms of energy, according to a panel of energy experts Oct. 27. Hosted by Georgetown’s Latin American Policy Association, a student group that analyzes Latin American domestic policy, as a part of the Extractive Industries in Latin[Read More…]

POR OTRO LADO: Affirming Identity Through La Virgen

POR OTRO LADO: Affirming Identity Through La Virgen

La Virgen de Guadalupe, or the Virgin of Guadalupe, first appeared to an indigenous man named Juan Diego in 1531, speaking to him in his native Nahuatl language and asking him to build a chapel in her name. When Juan Diego reported the request of La Virgen to a Catholic[Read More…]

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POR OTRO LADO: When the Earth Moved

POR OTRO LADO: When the Earth Moved

At first I did not feel it. But the rocking motion, similar to that of a boat on choppy water, immediately silenced our classroom. My professor’s face grew pale as she pointed to the door: “Earthquake. Everyone move. Now.” As we rushed from the room, the earth tipped under my[Read More…]

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New Focus on Chicanx and Latinx Art

Over the last four decades, Chicanx art and Latinx art have grown as artistic currents of the modern American cultural landscape. Mainly founded by Southern California-based Chicanx and Latinx artists, these movements intend to shed light on the economic, political and social disparities faced by Chicanx and Latinx. In partnership[Read More…]

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POR OTRO LADO: Walks Through Teotihuacán

POR OTRO LADO: Walks Through Teotihuacán

I have been spending my first month of the fall semester not on the Hilltop, but in Mexico City, where I have been  immersed in a culture filled with the smooth but exhausting Spanish of chilangos — natives to the city — the gloriously deep blue of Frida Kahlo’s house[Read More…]

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Welcome Home,  Bienvenido a Casa

Welcome Home, Bienvenido a Casa

It all started with the sight. Before the plane landed, I saw the soaring skyscrapers and the golden rivers of traffic lights flowing in the distance. Then, the sound followed. “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Mexico City.” As I got off the plane, Spanish words began to flood my ears:[Read More…]

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24 Hours in Mexico City

Mexico City’s layered history, massive population and undeniable charm come together to create a dynamic, fascinating spot for travelers. Its world-class museums, incredible gastronomy and colorful neighborhoods could keep you busy for months, but just a day in Mexico City is enough to give visitors a peek into a vibrant,[Read More…]