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EDITORIAL: Reduce Burdens for Off-Campus Students

Georgetown University’s Office of Neighborhood Life is designed to assist students living off-campus. Yet in imposing arbitrary penalties and issuing unclear guidelines, the office fails to serve the needs of students. The stated mission of the Office of Neighborhood Life is to “support all students, non-students, and permanent residents” and[Read More…]

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Two Bias-Related Attacks Reported

Two Georgetown students were attacked in separate bias-related incidents off campus reported in the past week, according to a campuswide email from Georgetown University Police Department Chief Jay Gruber and Vice President for Student Affairs Todd Olson yesterday. Gruber and Olson wrote that a group of four white men approached[Read More…]

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University SNAPs At Noise

When Drew Dushkes (GRD ’16) threw a mid-September housewarming party at his off-campus Georgetown residence, he never expected the night to culminate in Office of Student Conduct summons, the threat of sanctions and a disorderly conduct violation. Although Dushkes’ lease allows him to have guests on his back patio until[Read More…]

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GWU Institutes Mandatory Neighbor Tutorial for Students

GWU Institutes Mandatory Neighbor Tutorial for Students

In order to alleviate resident-student tensions, The George Washington University has instituted a mandatory “good neighbor” tutorial for students. Using a platform similar to AlcoholEdu, the tutorial teachesGWU students about city laws and guidelines for proper neighborly behavior. The GW Hatchet reported that the university instituted the tutorial in response to neighbors’ complaints that[Read More…]

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Support, Now Sanction Free

A welcome shift came for off-campus student life in early August: the creation of the Office of Neighborhood Life. Before this year, off-campus resources and Code of Student Conduct disciplinary proceedings were both managed by the Office of Off-Campus Life. However, grouping sanctions with resources in one office intimidated students[Read More…]

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Rebranded Office Aims to Assist Students Off Campus

Rebranded Office Aims to Assist Students Off Campus

An administrative shift this summer eliminated the Office of Off-Campus Life in favor of a new Office of Neighborhood Life, separating off-campus resources from disciplinary action. The new office will assist students with off-campus life, while disciplinary sanctions off campus will be handled by the Office of Student Conduct. The[Read More…]

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Lease and Learn

Moving off campus comes with a minefield of complications that may seem more frustrating than rewarding. But the experience of living on one’s own before fully leaving the Georgetown community is valuable preparation for the real world. Off-campus life provides a lesson in personal and financial responsibility. Many new off-campus[Read More…]

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Eastern Market: The District’s Melting Pot

Maybe I’m just a slave to consumerism, but I think that one of the best ways to get to know any place is by flexing your wallet. One of my favorite spots to go in Washington D.C. is Eastern Market, located just off its eponymous metro stop on the blue[Read More…]

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New Releases

‘Suit & Tie’ | Justin Timberlake ft. Jay-Z 5/5 Stars It was a great couple weeks for comebacks, and none could be better than the return of JT. His first new song in six years features Jay-Z, no less. The song shows off Timberlake’s incredible vocal range, hitting both high[Read More…]

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Student Advocacy Office Addresses Off-Campus Rights

After university administrators raised the evidentiary standard for disciplinary proceedings from “more likely than not” to “clear and convincing” in October, the Student Advocacy Office will begin working to extend the new standard to off-campus incidents this spring. Next semester, SAO plans to work with the offices of Student Affairs[Read More…]

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