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Reconciling Drug Use With Ethics and Religion

As a Jesuit university, Georgetown has always had a strong connection to religious traditions and ethics. But when drugs are involved, deeply held beliefs can seem dizzying and contradictory. From professional ethicists to everyday men and women of faith, Hoyas are doing the hard work of analyzing the ethics of[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Valuing Philosophy in Foreign Policy

After just over 100 days, the White House faces clear foreign policy challenges. Real estate mogul-turned-President Donald Trump has tried his hand at addressing various international crises, authorizing a retaliatory strike on the Syrian government, ramping up airstrikes against the Islamic State group and dropping the “Mother of All Bombs”[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Lessons from Zen

VIEWPOINT: Lessons from Zen

There’s a particularly memorable scene in Eugen Herrigel’s Zen in the Art of Archery (German 1948; English 1956). Herrigel had come to Japan in 1921 to learn more about the practice of Zen. Once there, he concluded his best route would involve training in a specific discipline.  A serious athlete,[Read More…]

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Ayan Mandal

MANDAL: Material Body, Immaterial Soul

According to a recent Harris poll, around 64 percent of Americans believe the soul survives after death. Of course, they would disagree upon the exact nature of the soul, but most will agree that it possesses two central characteristics: one, it is nonmaterial, and two, it allows us to be[Read More…]

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Nicholas Scrimenti

SCRIMENTI: Finding Faith On a Knife’s Edge

Spirituality within college life can exist while being deep, full and beautiful. On this campus, in particular, the opportunity for connection, religious experience and the discovery of each person’s inner castle is always at hand. The heightened intellectual and social activity of college life lends itself to a greater awareness,[Read More…]

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Ayan Mandal

MANDAL: Hot Hearts and Cooler Heads

Like many intellectual disciplines, the study of biology can be traced back to the Greek philosopher Aristotle. A true empiricist, Aristotle relied not on speculation but on dissections of organisms to uncover the principles that govern life processes. However, despite his positive influence on the physical sciences, one glaring error[Read More…]

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Philosopher Discusses the Baby Lottery

Philosopher Jake Earl (GRD ’12) questioned the idea that parents have the moral right to raise their own children in the latest installment of the weekly Friday Bioethics Series in the Bioethics Research Library. The Friday event, sponsored by the Kennedy Institute of Ethics, was titled “The Baby Lottery: A[Read More…]

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Non-Conformity and Its Discontents

Non-Conformity and Its Discontents

“Insist on yourself; never imitate. Your own gift you can present every moment with the cumulative force of a whole life’s cultivation; but of the adopted talent of another you have only an extemporaneous half possession.” Ralph Waldo Emerson, with these words and others, formed the essay “Self-Reliance,” with which[Read More…]

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An Apology for Scientific Theism

An Apology for Scientific Theism

Attacks on religious belief have recently come on two fronts: a political front and an intellectual front. The political front particularly targets Islamist extremism and generalizes it to the entire religion. Bill Maher’s thoughts on the subject have recently provoked the most literature, but as the man’s thoughts on Islam[Read More…]

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In Defense of the Humanities

In Defense of the Humanities

Last October, the New York Times published an article addressing the decline of humanities programs across the country (available here). The article discusses how in light of economic collapse and a rise of interest in STEM, humanities majors across the country have become less popular. For example, the humanities departments[Read More…]

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