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GEORGETOWN RANGILA/FACEBOOK | Rangila will feature live South Asian music for the first time during the 25th Rangila.

Rangila Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

Rangila marks its 25th anniversary this year and will use the showcase to pay homage to the individuals who shaped it over the years while introducing new elements like live music.  Rangila, Georgetown University’s annual, student-run philanthropic showcase of South Asian dance, includes an average of 500 dancers, 1,500 audience[Read More…]

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Seniors Amplify Their Art With Dance Companies

Students at Georgetown University have used dance to tell powerful stories, build confidence and take care of themselves on campus by passionately expressing themselves through the art form with groups such as Black Movements Dance Theatre and Rangila. This physical medium can become a way to let out energy, form[Read More…]


Dancers from the Rangila Raas group practice in the run-up to the show. Proceeds from Rangila 2015: Are You Game? will go toward the Pritam Spiritual Foundation, a nonprofit in Kashmir, India that provides medical attention to victims of land mines.

Are You Game?

Last year, students in the South Asian Society received an alarming message. The stage at Gaston Hall, the location where, for the past 19 years, they organized Rangila — a South Asian dance show — was structurally unsound. Contractors found that a group of more than 45 people on the[Read More…]

Making Space For South Asian Culture

As I scanned the screen, my brows furrowed and my eyes narrowed in anger and frustration, but not in shock. I could easily believe the events of Tuesday, Sept. 8,, 2015, when a United States citizen was viciously attacked in a Chicago suburb. Inderjit Singh Mukker was accused of being[Read More…]

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Students participating in the silent demonstration in Red Square on Tuesday.

Photos of the Week: Nov. 22

Photos of the Week: Nov. 22 – 28 Photos of the week of Nov. 22 – 28 include the Ferguson Protests around D.C. and Georgetown’s campus, a new volleyball court in-the-making, various sports games, and the 20th annual Rangila at the Kennedy Center.   View More Galleries

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Senior Bhangra

Rangila 2014

Rangila Rewind

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Dance show Rangila will be held at the Kennedy Center this weekend.

Rangila to Grace the Kennedy Center Stage

The 20th annual Rangila dance show will be held at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts on Nov. 22 as a result of structural problems in the show’s usual venue, Gaston Hall. The coordinators of the cultural dance performance, which is put on by the South Asian Society[Read More…]

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The stage in Gaston Hall will undergo construction this summer to address structural problems. Until then, groups of more than 45 people cannot perform on the stage.

Gaston Stage Not Structurally Sound

Gaston Hall’s stage can no longer support large groups of performers, like those in Rangila, and will undergo construction this summer, after an engineering analysis conducted recently found structural problems with the platform. According to the Office of the President’s Chief of Staff Joseph Ferrara, the engineers who evaluated the[Read More…]

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Rangila Participation Capped

Rangila Participation Capped

Not every interested student will be able to participate this year in Rangila, a first for the South Asian Society’s 19th annual dance show. More than 600 students crowded into the Intercultural Center auditorium for sign-ups last Tuesday, and approximately 60 students have been placed on a waitlist. Last year,[Read More…]

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A Whirlwind of Color Student-Run Tradition Celebrates South Asian Culture

A Whirlwind of Color Student-Run Tradition Celebrates South Asian Culture

Rangila may be one of the most popular events on campus — more than 500 students will take part in this year’s show — but very few understand the cultural significance and history of the dances performed. To those unfamiliar with the event, Rangila might seem like any other entertainment show held in[Read More…]

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