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MAJD: More Than Cutler Behind Bears’ Woes

Like a poor man’s Tony Romo, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has seen his fair share of unfair criticism over the course of his career. Once the media has locked onto an angle about a player, that reputation can be difficult to escape without capturing a championship. Playing on Cutler’s[Read More…]

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MAJD: In Twilight of Career, Brady Disproves Critics

A month ago, the Seattle Seahawks were the team to beat in the NFL, and the Arizona Cardinals were just another wild card contender. A month ago, Philip Rivers and the San Diego Chargers were legitimate rivals to the Denver Broncos in the AFC West. A month ago, Ben Roethlisberger[Read More…]

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MAJD: Frontrunners Stuck in Neutral in the English Premier League

Although the English Premier League currently holds the (deserved) status as the best and most competitive top-to-bottom soccer league in the world, in truth the English league — throughout its 22-year modern history — has always been dominated by a select few teams. Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool rise above[Read More…]

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MAJD: Cowboys Return to Running Roots

For much of its history, the NFL has been a running-oriented league. The running game had to be established to set up the pass, and running backs garnered as much praise as their quarterbacks. But the rules and culture of the game changed — first gradually, then more rapidly with[Read More…]

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MAJD: NBA Big Threes Risky For Teams

Pippen, Jordan and Rodman. Pierce, Garnett and Allen. LeBron, Wade and Bosh. The NBA is littered with dynasties, and conventional wisdom seems to embrace the notion that success is built upon the power of three. The unveiling of the newest NBA “Big Three” — LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie[Read More…]

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MAJD: Video Changes Media Coverage of Abuse

In the past few weeks, it has become extremely easy to look down on the NFL with an air of superiority. With prominent cases of domestic abuse springing up in the aftermath of the Ray Rice controversy, the media and the public is certainly justified in wondering if the NFL[Read More…]

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MAJD: Elite Teams Stumble Early

Last season’s NFL title chase ultimately played out as many predicted. The Denver Broncos, galvanized by a massive quarterback upgrade, tore through the AFC on their way to the Super Bowl. Over in the NFC, the Seahawks and 49ers saw off all other challengers as they battled it out for[Read More…]

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MAJD: Levenson Leaves Hawks

When news hit that a racially insensitive email from the majority owner of the Atlanta Hawks led to the sale of his shares, it was only natural that comparisons to former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling would ensue. But the circumstances surrounding Bruce Levenson’s exit are extremely different both[Read More…]

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MAJD: Manchester United Losing Prestige

When it comes to professional club soccer, the English Premier League is at the pinnacle of depth and competitiveness, with top-flight clubs on par with any other team in the world, and mid-table teams that would rival the best clubs in Europe’s other major leagues. And yet despite this parity[Read More…]

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The Curious Case of Courtois’ Clause

Atlético Madrid has been the surprise of European football this season. After years and years of Barcelona and Real Madrid battling for Spanish supremacy without even a thought to other challengers, the small, cash-strapped club has stormed into the fray to break the stranglehold. Atlético currently enjoys a slim, late[Read More…]

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