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EDITORIAL: Expel Frauds, Recognize Privilege in Admissions

On March 12, the United States Department of Justice charged 50 people across eight universities in the largest college admissions scam in history. Five Georgetown University parents and two current students were implicated in the indictment, shocking and breaching the trust of the university community. These two students were complicit[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Upholding Affirmative Action

Race remains a factor for mobility in the present-day United States. Willful ignorance of that reality harms members of the Asian-American community, in addition to other communities of color. The current anti-affirmative action debate paints the dynamic and diverse Asian-American community as a monolithic entity, thereby using a narrow image[Read More…]

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A More Comprehensive Understanding of Merit

An editorial in The Hoya from Oct. 20 urges Georgetown to cease “the practice of race-based affirmative action” and “evaluate applicants on their merit alone.” The editorial board claims that Georgetown admissions “discriminates against particular demographics” and “specifically against fully qualified Asian students,” while also perpetuating “racist attitudes towards Asians.”[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Refocus Admissions on Merit

As admissions season gets underway, nearly 20,000 hopeful students will vie for a spot in the Georgetown University Class of 2022. Last year, a mere 15.4 percent of the 21,465 applicants were accepted. In this admissions cycle, Georgetown should evaluate applicants on their merit alone by ceasing the practice of[Read More…]

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Legacy Status Tips Admission Scales

Legacy Status Tips Admission Scales

Amid recent challenges to affirmative action in Texas, California and Michigan, the common practice of legacy preference, which advantages the children of alumni during the university admissions process, has also been called into question, prompting debate over its benefits and potential concerns. Georgetown’s admissions office does consider legacy preference: In[Read More…]

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College Admissions Look to Socioeconomic Factors

On April 22, the Supreme Court ruled to uphold Michigan’s 2006 decision — which was supported by 58 percent of voters — to ban consideration of race or sex in public education and employment, a victory for states’ rights. In a 6-2 vote, the justices ruled in Schuette v. Coalition[Read More…]

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Howard’s Historic Roots

Howard University sits on a Hilltop of its own, some 35 blocks north and east of Georgetown. Long emblematic of academic achievement in the black community, Howard has seen recent difficulties attracting a pool of strong undergraduate applicants and funding students’ educations without excessive debt. These trends illustrate that the[Read More…]

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Affirmative Action Can Effect Better Change

Affirmative action admissions decisions have come under scrutiny from the public and the press, resulting in a number of higher-level judicial decisions. Some institutions, such as those in the University of California system, have done away with affirmative action altogether, rekindling an age-old debate. Simply put, affirmative action policies seek[Read More…]

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DAVIS: A Level College Playing Field

DAVIS: A Level College Playing Field

Discussing grades with classmates can certainly be an uncomfortable encounter. As awful and over-analytical as this may sound, students typically only ask when they expect to hear lackluster results. Recently, a woman of color spoke to me about an unfamiliar peer who casually interrogated her about the grade she received[Read More…]

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Supreme Court Hears Affirmative Action Case

Supreme Court Hears Affirmative Action Case

Affirmative action admission policies came under fire as the Supreme Court of the United States heard oral arguments in the case of Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin Wednesday. The case originated in 2009 when Abigail Fisher, a white applicant, was denied admission to the University of Texas at[Read More…]

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