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Kathryn Baker

NOVEL IDEAS: ‘The Hand That First Held Mine’ Celebrates Feminine Resilience

I expected studying abroad to be difficult. I anticipated the homesickness, the fear of awkward social interactions and stressful travel planning. After all, both Georgetown and St. Andrews hosted so many orientations and sent countless emails preparing me for my time abroad that I felt it would be the hardest[Read More…]

The new “Launching the Venture” course taught by professor Eric Koester allowed students to write and publish books on entrepreneurship.

Business Students’ Books to Be Published

A total of 15 students in the newly offered “Launching the Venture” course in the McDonough School of Business will publish individual books on business and entrepreneurship. Taught by the co-founder of the home services moderating company Zaarly professor Eric Koester, the course tasked students with writing books on seeking[Read More…]

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The Best Fiction Reads of the Summer

  ‘Barkskins’ – Annie Proulx From the author of the original 1997 short story “Brokeback Mountain” comes an epic 300-year narrative genealogy following two 17th-century Frenchmen and their descendants as they traverse land and time, across continents and through the turbulent world’s changing face. Balancing a conscious portrayal of history[Read More…]

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Summer Guide 2016

Summer Guide 2016

  Fourth of July in the Capital There is no better place in America to celebrate the Fourth of July than the nation’s capital. If you’re here for the summer or just a long weekend, don your best patriotic attire, load up on water and check out our tips to[Read More…]

Step Two: Reading

Step Two: Reading

Throughout the school year, you could read anywhere from 15 to 30 books, depending on your major. But how many of those books do you actually get to enjoy? I remember talking to a friend and reminiscing over some of our favorite books. Though some of the books were from[Read More…]

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MACFARLANE: Making the Cut: The Business of Books

As a lover of books, it is easy to forget that books, like so many beloved things, are also part of a business. The business of art is so often overlooked, frequently because it seems beside the point (and writers are not exempt from harping this tune). However, after spending[Read More…]

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Discovering Local Literary Pride

To compare this summer and last summer would be like comparing my life before and after I went gluten-free: completely unrecognizable. Last summer, I was earning minimum wage at a restaurant in Tucson and spending my days by the pool reading a book a week, or a book a day,[Read More…]

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Sci-Fi Novel Brings Lighthearted Comedy Back to the Genre

It seems like every sci-fi work nowadays shows a dystopian future overflowing with violence, corruption and destruction. Humans have either managed to annihilate themselves or are in the process of being annihilated by some unflinching alien race. From “The Hunger Games” to “Prometheus,” we find ourselves time and time again wading[Read More…]

Finding Novel Procrastination in Prose

Now that midterms have officially hit and I’ve become swamped with papers and studying, I’ve decided it’s the perfect time to take up a new hobby: procrastination. I’ve finally been catching up on “The Mindy Project” and “New Girl” (Ferguson is easily the highlight of this season so far), and[Read More…]

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Finding Life Lessons Between the Pages

Despite the fact that with the combined amount of internships and jobs we’ve held, we’re a poor representation of the rest of the employed and unemployed America, we’re still all entitled to quarter-life crises. Let’s be honest: We all secretly and completely relate to those BuzzFeed posts pondering our 20s and the encroaching and[Read More…]

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