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VIEWPOINT: Redefine Modern Antisemitism

At 19 years old, I still find it difficult to answer basic questions pertaining to my national and cultural identity. Denationalization, the removal of a group of people from a national consciousness or identity due to their “otherness,” has stripped national identity from my family. My parents were born in[Read More…]

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The identity of New Orleans is characterized by interactions among diverse groups that have historically inhabited the city, according to Jason Berry (CAS ’71), author and investigative reporter.

Diversity Has Shaped New Orleanian Culture, Author Says

The culture of New Orleans has historically been shaped by the influence of its diverse inhabitants, said Jason Berry (CAS ’71), author and investigative reporter. The Feb. 25 event featured Berry’s new book, which argues New Orleans’ culture is grounded in performance and display. “When you grow up in a[Read More…]

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LEE: Challenge Cultural Binaries

LEE: Challenge Cultural Binaries

Introducing myself became a burden when I arrived at Georgetown University. I opened my mouth to give a breezy response about where I’m from, just as others did, but I struggled to find the right words. I was born in South Korea, but that’s not quite where home is. I[Read More…]

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KAWAR: Remedying the Distance to Home

KAWAR: Remedying the Distance to Home

During my first week at Georgetown, I was reminded of home in an unlikely place: a large tray of hummus at O’Donovan Hall. However, this bland, lighter shade of hummus was nothing like the rich, paprika-infused hummus that my grandma makes in my hometown of Amman, Jordan. After tasting the[Read More…]

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URTZ: While Abroad, Pursue Meaningful Exchange

A few weeks ago, I was hiking with my classmates in Petra, the Bedouin site of ancient Nabatean ruins and a renowned UNESCO world heritage site in Jordan. The narrow canyons and spectacular rock carvings were dotted with vendors selling everything from bottled water to miniature replicas of the site.[Read More…]

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SOPHIA NUNN for THE HOYA Anne Burke, a justice on the Supreme Court of Illinois, said that civil authorities should have oversignt to ensure a cultural change occurs in the church in order to curb clerical abuse within the Catholic Church, at a Dahlgren Dialogue on Oct. 24.

Panelists Seek Change in Church Culture

Empowering lay members and changing church culture are necessary for the Catholic Church to address sexual abuse, panelists agreed at a discussion held in the Dahlgren Chapel on Wednesday. The panelists examined the best path forward for the Catholic Church in light of the sexual abuse allegations that have surfaced[Read More…]

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Curator of Music and Performing Arts at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African-American History and Culture Dwandalyn Reece, Georgetown University Distinguished Artist in Residence and Kennedy Center Artistic Director of Jazz Jason Moran, and Associate Professor of the History Department Maurice Jackson discussed the state of jazz in Washington, D.C.

DC Jazz Threatened by Gentrification, Says Kennedy Center Artistic Director of Jazz Jason Moran

Gentrification threatens Washington, D.C. jazz and art, jazz musician and composer Jason Moran said at an event Tuesday in Copley Lounge. Moran, a distinguished artist-in-residence at Georgetown University and the Kennedy Center musical advisor and artistic director of jazz, has composed soundtracks for six films including the 2014 movie “Selma.”[Read More…]

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William McDonough, architect and environmental activist delivered the keynote speech at an event entitled 
"Rethinking Plastic: Answering a Global Call to Action." He discussed the impacts of sustainability at Georgetown with leaders of environmentally focused organizations on campus.

McDonough Proposes Sustainable Manufacturing Model

The survival of the global economy and the future health of the environment depend on manufacturing multi-use goods that produce less waste, argued architect and sustainable development leader Bill McDonough in an event Wednesday. The event, entitled “Rethinking Plastic: Answering a Global Call to Action,” was cosponsored by Georgetown University’s[Read More…]

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Georgetown’s Language Landscape Promotes Multiculturalism

Since Georgetown University’s founding in 1789, the school has encouraged students and faculty members to broaden their worldviews and dedicate themselves to others, regardless of cultural and linguistic differences. Back then, the university offered language courses in Spanish, French and English for nonnative speakers, even publishing a pamphlet for prospective[Read More…]

Architectural Ancestry: Georgetown’s Buildings Blend Old and New

Architectural Ancestry: Georgetown’s Buildings Blend Old and New

Healy Hall and Lauinger Library, visible from both the Key Bridge and the front gates of Georgetown University, are what first come to mind when the words “Georgetown” and “architecture” are put together. It is in these buildings, after all, where students congregate to study, attend class and listen to[Read More…]

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