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IPPOLITO: Briles Embodies Irresponsibility

IPPOLITO: Briles Embodies Irresponsibility

In one of his more famous quips during his tenure as head coach of the New York Jets, Herm Edwards deadpanned a reporter by informing him, “You play to win the game. You don’t play to just play it.” For many coaches, that pressure is all too real — they[Read More…]

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Movie Review: Queen of Katwe

The latest film from Indian-American director Mira Nair, responsible for the critically acclaimed “Salaam Bombay!” and Golden Lion-winning “Monsoon Wedding,” “Queen of Katwe” is a joint effort between Walt Disney Pictures and ESPN Films. The film tells the real-life story of Phiona Mutesi, an extraordinary young girl from Katwe, Uganda.[Read More…]

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SCATTERGOOD: Week 1 Recap of The Olympics

The Opening Ceremony was not reflective of this year’s Games overall. I feel the need to provide this disclaimer because apparently many viewers were less than impressed – if not straight-up disappointed – with Rio de Janeiro’s performance in officially opening the 31st Olympiad. Gisele walked too slowly down her[Read More…]

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Basketball | Hoyas to Square Off Against Ducks in Non-Conference Tournament

The Georgetown men’s basketball team is one step closer to beginning its 2016-17 season, with the brackets for the 33rd Maui Jim Maui Invitational announced Tuesday morning. The Hoyas are slated to face the Oregon Ducks, with the winner moving on to face the winner of the game between the[Read More…]

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AUERBACH: Concussion Concerns Plague Johnson, NFL

AUERBACH: Concussion Concerns Plague Johnson, NFL

The connection between the NFL and concussions is undeniable. Just take the time to watch a single game — chances are, a player will go down showing at least some symptoms of head injury. Concussion protocols are in place, but more often than not players will elect to deny their[Read More…]

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SCATTERGOOD: Russia’s Track Team Benched for Doping

The USA is no stranger to the tradition of professional and amateur athletes’ use of performance-enhancing drugs, an issue that has discredited Olympic medalists, All-Star outfielders and other world champions over the years. Since Baron Pierre de Coubertin brought back the Olympic Games 120 years ago, only a handful of[Read More…]

AUERBACH: Manziel Suspension Foreshadows End of Maligned Career

AUERBACH: Manziel Suspension Foreshadows End of Maligned Career

This past week, the NFL placed a four-game suspension on free agent quarterback Johnny Manziel under its substance abuse policy. The suspension is the most recent of a series of unfortunate events for Manziel, whose status as a Heisman Trophy winner and first-round draft pick quickly transformed into that of[Read More…]

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FOOTE: ESPN is Ruining Sports Journalism

FOOTE: ESPN is Ruining Sports Journalism

If you have ever had even the faintest interest in sports, you have heard of ESPN. ESPN, which originally stood for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network, is the go-to outlet for sports media throughout the United States. Since its beginnings, ESPN has adapted to its audience, and as a result[Read More…]

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Lombardi Honors Stuart Scott

The Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center and the NFL Players Association honored ESPN anchor Stuart Scott last Saturday for his inspirational and public seven-year battle against cancer. Due to Scott’s ongoing treatment, fellow anchor Jay Harris accepted the award on his behalf. Harris accepted the award at the 28th Annual[Read More…]

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NCAA Player’s Union Raises Serious Questions of Student Rights

On Friday, Northwestern University’s scholarship football players voted whether to certify the College Athletes Players Association, a group that would be the first players’ union in college sports. If the vote fails — which I believe it will — it will be caused in large part by the university and[Read More…]

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