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ASHLEY CHEN/THE HOYA | The Office of Planning and Facilities Management began identifying 40 new single-stall, gender-neutral bathrooms in buildings across campus.

GU Establishes 40 Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Georgetown University began designating 40 single-stall, gender-neutral bathrooms in public buildings throughout campus, an initiative pushed by members of LGBTQ student advocacy groups. Before the start of the semester, the Office of Planning and Facilities Management received the signs, which are set to identify the new gender-neutral bathrooms, and is[Read More…]

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ANNE STONECIPHER/THE HOYA The LGBTQ Resource Center is sponsoring OUTtober, a month-long program seeking to address emerging issues faced by members of the LGBTQ community through a series of keynote speakers and on-campus events.

OUTober Encourages Renewed Activism

The LGBTQ Resource Center is celebrating its 10th anniversary with OUTober, an annual monthlong programming series honoring the LGBTQ community, this month. This year’s theme, “Looking Forward,” aims to build off the current on-campus LGBTQ infrastructure to identify emerging issues for the community through a series of keynote speakers, discussions[Read More…]

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Students Call to Defund Love Saxa

Students Call to Defund Love Saxa

Students opposed to the student group Love Saxa plan to present a petition to the Student Activities Commission on Monday, demanding the advisory board strip the group of its funding and no longer grant it access to campus facility benefits on grounds that it holds intolerant and hateful beliefs. Love[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Coming Out for Change, 10 Years Later and Every Day

When I attended Georgetown nearly a decade ago, the university’s relationship with LGBTQ students had been contentious for decades — a history rife with denied institutional funding for GUPride, subsequent lawsuits and reported incidences of hate crimes against queer Hoyas. In fall of 2007, a particularly egregious attack and the[Read More…]

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Police Investigates Local Hate Crime

A potential hate crime in which a perpetrator assaulted and used homophobic language against a Georgetown student off campus the night of Oct. 31 is being investigated by the Georgetown University Police Department and the Metropolitan Police Department. A campuswide email sent Nov. 1 from GUPD Chief Jay Gruber and[Read More…]

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District Officials Ban Travel to Anti-LGBTQ States

Washington, D.C. legislators and Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) have introduced legislation banning city-funded travel to states with laws discriminating against LGBTQ individuals. Bowser signed an order March 31 prohibiting the official travel of city employees to North Carolina in response to the state’s Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, which[Read More…]

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GU Pride organized a celebration of Coming Out Day in Red Square last Friday to kick off the 11th annual OUTober, which includes 15 other events organized by the LGBTQ Resource Center throughout October and the first three weeks of November.

OUTober Programming Focuses on Trans Rights

OUTober, a six-week long celebration of the LGBTQ community organized by the LGBTQ Resource Center and GU Pride, returned to campus this month in its 11th annual iteration with increased programming for transgender history and rights. In conjunction with student organizations and academic departments, the LGBTQ Resource Center has organized[Read More…]

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In Transition, But Incomplete

On her first day of classes at Georgetown in 2012, one of Celeste Chisholm’s (COL ’15) professors called her “Jonathan.” Chisholm corrected the professor, explaining that she prefers to be called Celeste. She assumed that after the exchange, her situation was obvious and her classmates understood that she is a[Read More…]

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On Painful, Senseless Hatred

From how it played out on the street and screen, you might think students were having fun. They smiled and laughed with witty signs, ridiculing the protestors just outside the gates. Dozens of students asked them questions, taking glee in the studied idiocy they received in return. The scene was[Read More…]

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Fighting Trans Homelessness

In response to the effect of disproportionate levels of homelessness on LGBTQ youth, a new youth shelter is the first of its kind to offer protection for transgender youth in the District. Ruby Corado, an advocate for LGBTQ rights, heads Casa Ruby, a nonprofit organization that currently provides meals, case[Read More…]

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