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Student Guards Encounter Scheduling Complications

Student Guards Encounter Scheduling Complications

Disorganized scheduling and unclear communication from student guard management contribute to frequently unmanned guard posts in campus residential spaces, according to student guards.  Student guards, who are employed by the university and managed by the Department of Public Safety, have not had permanent shifts this semester, resulting in scheduling complications[Read More…]

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Stricter Penalties Set for Georgetown Day

Students face new party-hosting regulations and modified definitions of conduct violations ahead of the 19th annual Georgetown Day, at the same time as the Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service has seen an above-average number of calls on the holiday in previous years in comparison to typical days. For the first[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Reduce GUPD Security Costs

Student organizations at Georgetown University are not able to fully utilize their budgets. A prohibitive Georgetown University Police Department security requirement extorts clubs of money that should be spent on students. Currently, student organizations are required to hire at least one GUPD security officer for events that are “controversial,” have[Read More…]

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HANNAH LEVINE/THE HOYA The Georgetown University faculty senate voted Nov. 28 to ban firearms, weapons and explosives on university property.

GU Faculty Approves On-Campus Weapons Ban

A universitywide proposal banning firearms, weapons and explosives on campus was unanimously approved by Georgetown University’s faculty senate Nov. 28 and is set for final review Jan. 17, according to an email sent to members of the Georgetown community. Georgetown prohibits weapons on campus through its Code of Student Conduct[Read More…]

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FILE PHOTO: ASHLEY CHEN/THE HOYA Student organizations urge the Georgetown University Police Department to reduce security fees for club-hosted events.

GUPD Security Costs Present Obstacles, Student Leaders Say

Student leaders are continuing to push for the Georgetown University Policy Department to lower security costs for club-organized events on campus. GUPD unilaterally determines whether an event needs security and how many officers to provide and requires the Student Activities Commission to cover this cost. Security is typically required for[Read More…]

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ASHLEY CHEN/THE HOYA Students have expressed concerns over the Georgetown University Police Department's lack of transparency on the contents of the standard sexual assault response training given to officers.

Students Question Sexual Assault Response Training for GUPD Officers

Students are concerned about a perceived lack of sufficient training for the Georgetown University Police Department on responding to reports of sexual assault. GUPD has 14 officers, known as the Sexual Assault Response Team, specifically trained to respond to sexual assault and provides “standard training” to all other officers on[Read More…]

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: A Harmful Process Breeds Empty Victory

This Viewpoint discusses sexual assault and domestic violence on campus. Please refer to the end of the article for on- and off-campus resources. I want to commend the anonymous authors of last week’s Viewpoint “‘I Could Not Take the Disappointment’: How Georgetown Fails Survivors” for their immense courage and frank[Read More…]

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HANNAH LEVINE/ THE HOYA Georgetown University will promote its on-campus weapons ban by displaying 21 regulatory signs on campus grounds over the next few months.

GU to Promote On-Campus Weapons Ban With Regulatory Signs

Georgetown University is set to post 21 signs around campus that will advertise the university’s explicit ban of weapons, including licensed handguns, on university grounds, approved at a Nov. 1 Old Georgetown Board meeting. The regulatory signs received approval from the OGB, a council of architects appointed by the U.S.[Read More…]

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FILE PHOTO: RICHARD SCHOFIELD/THE HOYA Georgetown's Annual Security Report found that drug-related offenses tripled between 2016 and 2017. The university attributes the increase in drug deferrals to the decriminalization of marijuana in D.C.

Drug Referrals Triple at Georgetown, Stagnate at Local Universities

The Georgetown University Police Department referred 84 drug-related offenses for disciplinary proceedings in 2017, an increase of 180 percent, from 30 cases in 2016, according to this year’s Annual Security Report released Sept. 28. Georgetown, along with other colleges and universities who participate in federal financial aid programs, is required[Read More…]

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GUPD Lt. Charles Rathell, who dedicated his life to public service, died at 43 this week.

Former GUPD Officer Lt. Charles Rathell Dies at 43

Lt. Charles Rathell, who served as an officer in the Georgetown University Police Department for seven years, died earlier this week from complications from an ongoing illness. Rathell, 43, most recently worked as the Support Services Bureau commander, managing administrative tasks such as hiring, training, vehicle fleet maintenance, upkeep of[Read More…]

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