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ASHLEY CHEN FOR THE HOYA Reilly Dowd (SFS ’13) (left) and Wanjiku Ngare (SFS ’13) (right) spoke about their documentary “Dreams of Daraa," which highlights a woman's experience during the Syrian civil war, at an event Monday.

Alumnae Filmmakers Urge Continued Support for Syrian Refugees

Global activism on behalf of Syrian refugees falters as donors and activists become disinterested with the conflict, alumnae filmmakers Reilly Dowd (SFS ’13) and Wanjiku Ngare (SFS ’13) said at an event Oct. 29 in the Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding. Dowd and Ngare showcased their documentary[Read More…]

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EDITORIAL: Renew Support for Austin Tice

As Hoyas prepare to return home for the holidays and be with family and friends, we must remember those who are not as fortunate as we are to enjoy the spoils of the season. This situation is the case for Austin Tice (SFS ’02), a freelance journalist, who remains captive[Read More…]

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Alexander Marquardt (SFS ’04), an ABC foreign correspondent, spoke at an event Monday night about the Syrian Civil War and its effects on extremism in the region, based on his experience covering the Arab Spring in 2011, United States presidential campaigns and the conflict in Syria, which he considers the most difficult war he could have covered.

ABC Foreign Correspondent Discusses Syrian War

The civil war in Syria and President Bashar al-Assad’s attempts to quell rebels have led to an increase in extremism in the region, according to a talk by Alexander Marquardt (SFS ’04), ABC News foreign correspondent, Monday evening. Marquardt has covered significant world events, including the 2008 United States presidential[Read More…]

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VIEWPOINT: Hope in American Ambition

VIEWPOINT: Hope in American Ambition

By signing an executive order banning the entry of individuals to the United States from seven Muslim-majority countries, President Donald Trump has perpetuated Islamophobia at the government level. Domestically, the ban raises concern among foreign nationals, and their families, who have made it to the United States and productively  contribute[Read More…]

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Free Austin Tice

“Austin Tice’s journalism showed what it is like to be a child living in one of the most dangerous war zones in the world,” said Debra Tice, mother of journalist Austin Tice (SFS ’02), at the “Press Freedom Arrested” event held in the Intercultural Center on Wednesday. His photographs showcase[Read More…]

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Panel moderator Sanford Ungar, left, Debra Tice and former McClatchy Newspapers Bureau Chief Nancy Youssef spoke on journalist Austin Tice’s (SFS ’02) kidnapping in Syria in the ICC on Wednesday.

Panelists Discuss Tice’s Kidnapping, Journalist Safety

Panelists discussed journalist Austin Tice’s (SFS ’02) 2012 kidnapping in Syria, the challenges of reporting in combat zones and the need for swift advocacy on Austin’s behalf as part of the Salim El-Lozi Lecture series in the Intercultural Center on Wednesday. The panelists included Austin Tice’s parents, Marc and Debra[Read More…]

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SOLTIS: Printing Layers of History

SOLTIS: Printing Layers of History

The Islamic State group, in an effort to eliminate artifacts without Islamic significance such as sculptures in museums or valuable remnants of ancient architecture, has caused immense destruction in the Iraqi and Syrian cities it captures. Naturally, historians and artists across the world are mortified at this unreserved busting spree[Read More…]

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GREGORY: Keep Your Friends Closer: Dealing with Saudi Arabia

GREGORY: Keep Your Friends Closer: Dealing with Saudi Arabia

On Jan. 2, Saudi Arabia executed 47 Shiite Muslims accused of sedition, terrorism and plotting to overthrow the ruling royal family. One was prominent cleric Nimr al-Nimr, an outspoken Shiite rights advocate and critic of the regime. The mass killings immediately drew global criticism from humanitarian groups, with an Amnesty[Read More…]

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Unconstructive Criticism: ISIS Policy in the GOP Crosshairs

“Weak.” “Misguided.” “An abject failure.” Over the past several months, these criticisms have been hurled at President Barack Obama by an array of pundits and politicians for his policies designed to counter the militant Islamist group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. As the 2016 GOP presidential[Read More…]

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Masters of Arab Studies students sell T-shirts in Red Square to raise funds for Syrian and Iraqi refugees.

Students Aid Refugees

Five students in the Masters of Arab Studies program course “Refugees in the Arab World” began a fundraiser for Syrian and Iraqi refugees in coordination with the Collateral Repair Project this month. The students, with help from a program graduate, are raising money by selling T-shirts featuring calligraphy designed by[Read More…]

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