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Concert Review: Declan McKenna at Jammin’ Java

British singer-songwriter Declan McKenna made everyone feel like his valentine with his Feb. 14 show at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, Va. “I’m here to steal your hearts this Valentine’s Day. And I’ve got more crappy lines like that prepared,” McKenna said. A quirky, 19-year-old musician from London, McKenna truly did[Read More…]

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SCHENDEN: Embracing Our Essential Love

SCHENDEN: Embracing Our Essential Love

Go ahead. Type it in. Those four little letters – L O V E. Having just done so myself, 7.5 billion Google results  popped up on my screen. That’s a whole lotta love. So, with Valentine’s Day today, and so much love out there, it is worth our consideration to[Read More…]

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Valentine’s Day is full of longstanding customs dating back across the centuries. However, its significance for Georgetown students refuses to be a stable one; this past weekend, both heterosexual and LGBTQ couples challenged traditional romantic norms in their effort to celebrate the holiday.

Unconventional Valentines

Valentine’s Day has a set of expectations and traditions compiled throughout the centuries. Today, however, it’s a largely commercialized event notorious for its avalanche of food, flowers and all things heart-shaped. Yet amid the hand-holding, gift-giving, movie-watching and dessert-indulging, discussion about the significance of the holiday spurs a range of[Read More…]

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I Kiss Girls…and I Like It

I Kiss Girls…and I Like It

This is my third year here on the Hilltop and the first Valentine’s Day that I’ve been single in college. It also happens to be the best one. Why? Simple: This year, I’ve discovered the real depth of kissing. Everyone talks about how great it is to experiment with different[Read More…]

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Stop the Cliche, Cook the Batter

Valentine’s Day is a loaded holiday and phrase. We all know the script — women are supposed to go gaga over plush teddy bears and generic Hallmark cards while guys groan at cheesy commercials and the gushy gifts their girlfriends give them. Those in relationships will spend fortunes on dinners[Read More…]

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Modern Love Stories Are Tech-nically Complicated

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, which is often reason enough to send young romantics into a tizzy about not having someone with whom to spend it, or about trying to figure out what to do for the person with whom they’ve been flirting for weeks. But the truth is,[Read More…]

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Friends Sans Benefits

I’m a big fan of romantic comedies, but it’s difficult to find ones that aren’t horrible. When Harry Met Sallycomes as close to perfection as this genre will ever come. The concept doesn’t sound great: Billy Crystal (Harry) stars in a romantic comedy in which he isn’t in love with Meg[Read More…]

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Jackson: The Dangers of the ‘University Catalyst’ and Fast Track Relationships

Now that Valentine’s Day is over and the dust of romance has settled, it’s time to look around. The person whom you only saw as a friend just took you out, and now you’ve placed them in a new category all together. Everyone assumes they know how a normal relationship[Read More…]

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How to Stay Sane on Singles Awareness Day

I’ve spent the past semester writing about how we don’t have time for relationships, fail at asking others out on dates (or don’t even want to ask) and hook up in lieu of dating. I’ve written about the latter theory, commented on how women “dockblock” each other and found that[Read More…]

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Re-Explore the Regency Error

The first line of Pride and Prejudice — “It’s a truth universally acknowledged” — must be used in the most cliched manner possible to introduce anything even remotely related to the iconic work. Now that’s out of the way, in the spirit of approaching Valentine’s Day, I have no choice but to[Read More…]

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