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P4EPPY: How to Look Foxxy at Foxfield


foxfieldprepSo, you’re going to Foxfield: What does this mean? You could be traveling with a group of friends to visit the prep capital of America to experience the preppiest event ever. It’s basically UVA’s Georgetown Day — how preppy is that?! Or maybe you’re just aware that a day like Georgetown Day requires a day-after like this champagne-brunch-on-wheels of an event. Or maybe you’re actually a horse-racing fan excited to see horses! (Unfortunately, you will probably be disappointed.)

My reaction when I see a horse at Foxfield.

Whatever the reason, you need to dress appropriately. Embracing the prep culture for a day is part of what makes Foxfield so fun! That being said, the dress code is hella strict. Let me lay it out for you…

We’ll start with the men:

Vineyard Vines calls this a "Kentucky Derby Collect" set. Perfect.
Vineyard Vines calls this a “Kentucky Derby Collect” jacket. Perfect.

That’s it. That’s all you need. Seersucker or bust. Throw on some boat shoes and grab the perfect bow tie to bring your ensemble all together. If you are missing the seersucker must-haves, no worries! Just focus on getting that “country club chic” look. Bring a cane, blot your forehead with a handkerchief or exchange any item of clothing for another boasting the Vineyard Vines whale. Just remember that you can never be too preppy!

The women will want to impress with “Sunday’s Best”:

Reminder: Do not fake tan. Just don’t.

To put things simply, get a sundress. You’ll want it to have bright pastels and/or a floral print pattern. As far as accessories go, go big or go home. Big gold or pearl necklaces that hurt your neck because they’re so preppin’ heavy, with equally large and laborious earrings. Hats are also a must! Look for a woven hat large enough to be confused for a parasol. Not only will the hat look good, but you’ll save yourself from a harsh sunburn, too. Finally, I know you want to bring those cute heels that will match everything, but keep in mind that you will be standing in a field all day. You don’t want to sink into the ground with every step! Wear shoes that you think will be practical for the event, but that also look hot.

That’s it for Foxfield fashion! I can’t wait to stalk all of your hilariously preppy pics for future articles. The 4E wishes you all an enjoyable Foxfield and Georgetown Day weekend!



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