Working for The Hoya is one of the most rewarding experiences available to a Georgetown undergraduate. For 99 years, The Hoya has provided the best journalism education on campus, offering staffers a professional and life-changing experience not found in any classroom.

General Applications

The fall 2019 applications are now open. Make sure to like our Facebook and Twitter pages to receive information about the application.

The Hoya is an equal-opportunity employer. For any questions about this policy or about our application cycle, please contact the director of human resources at [email protected].

Contact Information

Sarah Mihm, Director of Human Resources — [email protected]
Maya Gandhi, Editor-in-Chief — [email protected]
Will Simon, Chair of the Board of Directors — [email protected]

Have any questions? Check out our FAQ Section before you apply.

Entry-Level Editorial Division Positions

Campus and city news are the meat of the paper. As a writer, you will investigate and write articles on the stories and issues relevant to the Georgetown and greater Washington, D.C. community. Working in the news section trains you to write critically, concisely and on a deadline.
The features section is a small but rapidly growing team that focuses on longer term reporting projects, including investigative journalism. The features team is the perfect place for dogged, self-driven applicants with some writing experience.
As an opinion assistant, you will be part of the team that puts together The Hoya’s viewpoints, columns and editorials. From soliciting submissions from the community to first reading op-eds, working in the opinion section provides the opportunity to learn how to edit and present well-crafted argumentative pieces.
Writing for the sports section helps capture the athletic spirit of Georgetown. Writers will initially be responsible for small sports pieces on Georgetown’s athletics programs. With time and effort, you will be given larger assignments and can cover a team beat for an entire season.
The Guide covers arts and culture at Georgetown and in Washington, D.C. You will have opportunities to write reviews about films, albums, performances, exhibitions and restaurants, as well as pen lifestyle features that cover topics important to student life.
The copy section is responsible for ensuring the professionalism and accuracy of each story printed. You will go through articles to review grammar, style and factual correctness. Copy helps maintain the newspaper’s reputation for quality writing.
The photo team adds depth to a block of text. Working in the photo section, you will cover events both on and near campus and take photographs relevant to stories covered by The Hoya.
Working in the design section, you will help design and structure the newspaper. You must work creatively with an eye for detail to ensure that the paper’s content, photos and advertisements flow together in a logical and visually appealing way. You will also have the opportunity to design graphics to visually accompany our articles.
The multimedia team is responsible for creating video content. As a multimedia assistant, you will film and edit marketing materials, interviews and other creative projects you want to work on. Multimedia gives you experience in the production process of online videos.
The social media section connects our content with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As a member of the team, you will post stories and work to engage the Georgetown community through social outlets.
Working on our blog, The Fourth Edition (4E), combines the quirky with the practical. It is a great way to write and present information that is relevant to the Georgetown community in a more informal manner.

Entry-Level Publishing Division Positions

As a sales associate for The Hoya, you will sell print and online advertisements to local businesses, which in turn provides the funds that allow us to produce the paper. Sales helps you master your elevator pitch, engage with potential customers and bring The Hoya out into the surrounding community.
Financial Operations
New financial operations associates are responsible for the management of the newspaper’s finances and verification of transactions involving The Hoya. You will gain insight into the daily operations of the business. This critical component of The Hoya requires attention to detail.
Human Resources
As an associate in the human resources department, you will manage employee relations, plan social and professional events, and have the opportunity to work on individual projects that better prepare the organization for the future. The human resources team helps keep the paper running smoothly from behind the scenes.

Fall Contributor Applications

Columnist applications for opinion and The Guide, and for the editorial board applications for fall 2019 are now closed. Interested potential sports columnist should reach out to [email protected].


Columnists are among the most recognizable contributors at The Hoya, and their commentary plays an important role in campus dialogue. A successful column approaches a broad topic through the columnist’s unique angle. Past columns have commonly focused on religion, politics or student life, but applicants should not limit themselves to those areas. Apply here.

Editorial Board

The editorial board of The Hoya, which consists of four members of the community and four internal staffers, pens two to three unsigned editorials per week on issues pertinent to the Georgetown community. Members of the editorial board meet at least once a week to discuss potential editorials, then work with the opinion editor to write the editorials. Apply here.


Sports columnists play an integral role in The Hoya’s sports section. The Hoya’s sports section is looking for sports columnists for the summer who write on their own sports-related theme. The columns are not restricted to discussing Georgetown athletics or collegiate athletics. Columns can range in style and in topic, but a columnist should be able to both entertain and enlighten readers while sharing his or her own original opinion. Apply here.

The Guide

The Guide is looking for fall columnists in the following areas: Lifestyle, Arts & Entertainment and Food & Drink. Columnists should offer a unique or different perspective, so please pick an area of interest in which you feel you can make a distinctive contribution. Columns can range in style and in topic, but a columnist should be able to both entertain and enlighten readers while sharing his or her own original opinion. Apply here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for a position at The Hoya?

Applications for each section or department are at the end of each description above.

How can I learn more about getting involved?

We will be hosting an information session with presentations from senior staff members Jan. 20 at 7 p.m. in the Healey Family Student Center Great Room, as well as an open house Jan. 21 from 7 to 9 p.m. in our office, Leavey 421. Make sure to like our Facebook and Twitter pages to receive updates. You can also reach out to the editor or director of the section or division you are interested in.

What positions are available at The Hoya?

The Hoya has two divisions: editorial and publishing. The editorial division, headed by the editor-in-chief, is responsible for producing the newspaper. The publishing division, run by the general manager, is responsible for the business operations of the newspaper. Editorial sections offer entry-level positions in news, opinion, sports, The Guide (the arts and culture magazine), copy, photography, design, social media, multimedia and our blog, 4E. Publishing departments offer entry-level positions in sales, financial operations, alumni relations and human resources.

What is the difference between columnist applications and regular applications? If I’ve missed the columnist application deadline, can I still join The Hoya?

Columnists contribute to The Hoya on a periodic basis by submitting pieces that follow a predetermined theme but are not considered staff members of The Hoya. Each semester, The Hoya also opens applications for entry-level staff positions in each of its sections and departments. Entry-level staffers contribute to The Hoya on a regular basis by completing assignments from their editors/directors. As full staffers, they are also eligible for promotions, provided training, given the opportunity to attend professional development workshops and invited to participate in The Hoya’s social activities. Columnist applications and regular staff applications have different due dates, so please read applications closely.

Do I need to send in a resume with my application?

No. Resumes are not required or considered at the application stage. If you are selected for an interview, you will be asked to provide a resume at that time.

Can I apply to multiple sections or departments? Will doing so increase my chances of being hired?

While you can apply to two sections or departments if you so choose, this will not increase your chances of being hired. We strongly encourage all applicants to apply only to sections or departments that they are genuinely interested in.

I don’t want to miss the deadline! Can I be notified before the application closes?

Sure! You can check out our Facebook and Twitter pages to receive updates or add your name to our interested applicants listserv at the CAB Fair.

I have no writing, media or business experience. Can I still apply?

Yes. No prior experience is necessary for any entry-level position. However, we encourage you to mention any experience or technical skills that are related to the positions that interest you or that may be valuable to The Hoya.

Where is your office located?

Our home is Leavey 421 — stop by for a visit!