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Georgetown University’s Newspaper of Record since 1920

The Hoya

Georgetown University’s Newspaper of Record since 1920

The Hoya

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Since 1920, The Hoya has served Georgetown University and the Georgetown neighborhood as the university’s newspaper of record. The Hoya provides a community for students regardless of prior experience or writing ability. The Hoya is excited to be in person in Leavey 421 this year. We pride ourselves on maintaining and strengthening the community of staffers we have built over the past 100 years.

Application Information

The fall application to join The Hoya is now closed, but applications will open up again in the spring. Applications to join The Fourth Edition, The Hoya’s blog, are open now through Sept. 17 at 11:59 p.m. ET, and can be found here.

Contact Information

Adora Zheng, chair of the board — [email protected]
Caitlin McLean, editor in chief — [email protected]

Have any questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page before you apply.

Entry-Level Editorial Division Positions

Applications for entry-level editorial positions in all sections but our Blog are now closed. Apply to the Blog here by Sept. 17 at 11:59 p.m. ET.


News staff writers work with desk editors to cover five beats: student life, academics, grad, city and events. Writers cover any and all news and events relevant to the Georgetown University community. Working in the News section trains you to write critically, concisely and on a deadline, and is a great way to join a tight-knit community.

The Features section is The Hoya’s investigative cohort. Features writers focus on long-term reporting projects across a wide variety of Georgetown-related topics. The Features team is the perfect community for self-driven, creative applicants.
Opinion assistants provide the first edits on Viewpoint (Op-Ed) submissions, columns and letters to the editor, all while soliciting future content from the Georgetown community. Opinion assistants are editors who do not produce any Viewpoints of their own, while Opinion columnists are writers who publish articles every other week (the Opinion columnist application can be found below, separate from our general application). Working in the Opinion section provides opportunities to develop skills in editing, argumentation and communication.
The Sports section helps to capture the athletic spirit of Georgetown. Writers will initially be responsible for articles on Georgetown’s athletics programs once teams resume competing. Currently, writers are crafting biweekly columns on specific topics on the sports world outside of Georgetown. 
Science staff writers cover on-campus and off-campus topics related to science and technology with a focus on Georgetown and the greater Washington, D.C. area.
The Guide
Writers for The Guide cover arts and culture at Georgetown and in the greater Washington, D.C. area. You will have opportunities to review films, television shows, albums, performances, exhibitions and restaurants. You can also contribute to larger feature stories about other cultural topics relevant to the Georgetown community.
The Copy team upholds the integrity of The Hoya by fact-checking and editing stories for grammar and style. As a copy assistant, you will read through articles to make sure they are factually correct and in accordance with The Hoya’s in-house style guide.
Photo works to help every article come to life. As a member of the Photo section, you will help take, source, organize and pair photos with articles from all sections of the paper. 
The Design team is responsible for the visual components of The Hoya. The team ensures that The Hoya’s style, content and advertisements are aesthetically consistent. As a Design assistant, you will help in the essential working of laying the article on the pages so the paper is ready to print. You will also create illustrations and infographics to accompany our articles. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with other sections to transfer ideas into visually appealing designs.
Social Media

Social Media staffers work creatively and collaboratively, ensuring The Hoya’s content is shared in an exciting and organized manner on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As a member of the Social Media team, you have the opportunity to contribute to our TikTok, make graphics and assist with newsletters, in addition to working on new Social Media projects.

Our blog, The Fourth Edition (4E), combines the ~quirky~ with the practical. The section is a great way to write and present information relevant to the Georgetown community in a more informal manner, focusing on anything from satire and comedy to lifestyle and how-to guides.  As a member of the Blog, you’ll be writing articles (gifs encouraged!), getting creative and cracking jokes with the team!

Entry-Level Publishing Division Positions

Applications for entry-level publishing positions will open in Fall 2023.

Business Operations

New Business Operations associates are responsible for the management of the newspaper’s finances and verification of transactions involving The Hoya, as well as selling print and online advertisements to local businesses, providing the funds that allow us to produce the paper. FinOps helps you master your elevator pitch, engage with potential customers and bring The Hoya out into the surrounding community. You will gain insight into the daily operations of the business. This critical component of The Hoya requires attention to detail.

Human Resources

As an associate in the Human Resources department, you will manage employee relations, plan social and professional events, and have the opportunity to work on individual projects that better prepare the organization for the future. The Human Resources team helps keep the paper running smoothly from behind the scenes.


The Technology team will handle all matters related to tech at The Hoya, including maintaining and redesigning The Hoya’s website and working with the Technology director to help The Hoya innovate and improve its tech. As a tech associate, you will work on solo and group projects with other members of The Hoya’s leadership and help drive the direction of this new section.

Contributor Applications

Columnist and Editorial Board applications will open in Fall 2023.


Columnists are among the most recognizable contributors at The Hoya, and their commentary plays an important role in campus dialogue. A successful column approaches a broad topic through the columnist’s unique angle. Past columns have commonly focused on religion, politics or student life, but applicants should not limit themselves to those areas. 

Editorial Board

The editorial board of The Hoya, which consists of three members of the community and three internal staffers, pens one unsigned editorial per week on issues pertinent to the Georgetown community. Members of the editorial board meet at least once a week to discuss potential editorials, then work with the opinion editor to write the editorials.

The Guide

The Guide is looking for columnists in the following areas: lifestyle, arts and entertainment, and food and drink. Columnists should offer a unique or different perspective, so please pick an area of interest in which you feel you can make a distinctive contribution. Columns can range in style and in topic, but a columnist should be able to both entertain and enlighten readers while sharing their own original opinion. 


Sports writers expand beyond Georgetown athletics to address the greater sports world in their columns. From discussing key developments in the NFL to calling attention to social justice issues in sports, columnists make bold claims and compelling arguments to sway their readers. 

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