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Get Xcited for TEDx Georgetown



If you haven’t heard or seen on Facebook, TEDx is coming to Georgetown this Saturday. So you should probably attempt to contain your excitement and stop re-watching your favorite TED talks. Or continue, 4E will not judge you (read: This is mine).

For those of you out of the know, TED talks are speeches given about specific topics that are intended to spread ideas and start conversations. TEDx is a TED talk for specific communities or organizations who want to spark conversation and connection in a TED-like manner. For the past few years, Georgetown has been hosting its own TEDx conference. This year’s theme is RISK TAKERS (Cue: goosebumps).

Obviously, you need to attend. Tickets are free for Georgetown students (with GoCard). The event starts at 10AM and goes til 6PM. Do you need more of an incentive? Thankfully we’ve got you covered.

You should attend TEDx Georgetown because:

1. The legacy of being part of a TED talk. Nowadays it seems like everyone in the world has seen a TED talk (and loved it). Being able to take part of one of these momentous occasions is a serious privilege and something we should all take advantage of. Plus, a bunch of celebrities we know and love have done TED. Like Shia LaBeouf.

2. The theme is “Risk Takers” for goodness sake. I mean this inherently has to be cool. Don’t we all want to be edgy and risky? Just me? Nonetheless, we all here at Georgetown could learn a little bit more about taking risks in our daily lives, especially if Georgetown students themselves are telling their risky stories.


3. TasTED, their food market, is such a perfect pun. Also, food. Who can pass that up? After all that #knowledge being dropped on you, you will most likely be hungry. Their food lineup is like their speaker lineup, flawless.


4. The social media game here is out of control and you should become part of it. Friends with any of the team members or speakers on Facebook? If so, you prbably understand what I am talking about. They have gone above and beyond to make TEDxGeorgetown one of the most publicized events on social media this semester. We know you want to be like them. #‎RiskTakers2015‬


5. The speakers are on point. The best part about TEDx is that the speakers are people you might see while on line at Midnight Mug or have never seen before. Sure, we talk a lot about community here at Georgetown, but this takes community to the next level.

12113510_951219758258115_2420600343373385364_oSo, what do you think, are you up to take the risk?

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