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Georgetown University’s Newspaper of Record since 1920

The Hoya

Looking Out From the Precipice

By Celeste Chisholm August 14, 2014

I am not fond of regret. Vigilantly, I avoid it, and with less than a week until the sun sets on my time in Japan, again posed to me is the perennial question: Have I done enough? Practicality has overtaken...

The Culture-Born Antithesis of Plurality

By Celeste Chisholm July 31, 2014

With Japan, as with any relationship, I fear rejection. It is no question that this culture is my muse, and conversely, Japan seems to have sustained a long-standing fascination with Americans as well....

Over the Wall: Learning to Defeat My Desolation

By Celeste Chisholm July 17, 2014

Prior to my arrival in Japan, I had been promised a great shattering of expectations. To be sure, this life abroad has been akin to a subscription to some new jolt every day, routinely rearranging my jigsaw...

Tokyo’s Ambiguous Aesthetics

By Celeste Chisholm July 3, 2014

Beauty has been chronically difficult to define. Nebulous by nature, its form floats adrift like clouds across a capricious sky, lacking clear borders, resisting prediction. For three months now, I have...

Learning to Love the Cultural Void

By Celeste Chisholm June 18, 2014

What does it mean to integrate? In Japanese, I often encounter the word tokekomu — to melt into something, to become a part of it as it becomes you. The metaphor seems to imply a mutual concession,...

Finding Myself Where I Couldn’t Pretend I Was Anything Else

By Celeste Chisholm June 5, 2014

I find that the deeper I delve into foreign lands, the further I stray from normal, and the further normal strays from me. Lately I notice that people here cannot help but notice me. Admittedly, there...

Cultural Revelations at the Arcade

By Celeste Chisholm May 22, 2014

I suppose one could say that I’ve been up in the air for a long time. The pressure up there is different, and so whenever I touch back down to Earth, like clockwork, my ears pop. Before too long I always...

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