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The Hoya

MOAKLEY COURTHOUSE | Stephen Semprevivo, one of five Georgetown parents implicated in a nationwide March 12 admissions bribery indictment, pleaded guilty in Boston federal court Monday after paying an intermediary $400,000 to give his son an advantage in the admissions process.

Georgetown Parent Pleads Guilty in Admissions Bribery Case

By Riley Rogerson April 9, 2019

Georgetown parent Stephen Semprevivo and 12 other university parents pleaded guilty to fraud for involvement in a college admissions bribery scheme in a Boston federal court Monday. The plea comes...

Junior middle distance runner finished 20th in the one mile event in Boston last weekend in which senior middle distance runner finished in fourth with the second best time in Georgetown history.

MEN’S TRACK | Bartelsmeyer’s Efforts Cap Strong Weekend for GU

By Ethan Cohn February 15, 2018

Senior middle distance runner Amos Bartelsmeyer was named Big East Men’s Track Athlete of the Week after he finished the second-fastest mile in Georgetown’s history with a personal best time of 3:57.53...


Movie Review: ‘Stronger’

By Meghan DeCourcey September 26, 2017

★★★★☆ On April 15, 2013, the city of Boston changed forever. What began as a day of celebration, with all eyes on the Boston Marathon, quickly turned into anguish, as two homemade bombs...

COUTURE: Potential NBA Offseason Trades

COUTURE: Potential NBA Offseason Trades

By Evan Couture July 15, 2016

Every sports fan loves speculation. Whether in the offseason or the height of the playoffs, we glue our eyes and perk our ears to any news outlet we can find, all in hope of catching wind of the latest...

DC Loses 2024 US Olympic Bid to Boston

By Tom Garzillo January 13, 2015

Washington, D.C., lost its bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, with the U.S. Olympic Committee’s announcement last Thursday that it had instead selected Boston to represent the country. Despite...

Cross-Country | After Strong Opener, Boston Meet Looms

By Kara Avanceña September 26, 2014

Two weeks after their season-opening events, Georgetown’s cross-country teams will travel to Boston on Friday to compete against some of the top teams in the country at the Coast-to-Coast Battle in Beantown....

Guilty Woes of Being a Sox Fan

By Carolyn Maguire May 30, 2014

Ten games. Ten straight losses. They were embarrassed. I was embarrassed. Late inning collapses. Lackluster offense. Poor pitching performances. For 10 straight games, I watched horrific baseball. SportsCenter...

Weather Wusses? Actually, Yes.

Weather Wusses? Actually, Yes.

By KP and KP January 3, 2014

Today, the Washington Post ran a piece by Clinton Yates that defended the District's winter weather habits. The article argued that lack of regular snowfall, large amounts of commuter traffic and D.C....

Friday Fixat10ns: Spring Fever

Friday Fixat10ns: Spring Fever

By Edward Lee and Edward Lee April 19, 2013

[8tracks width="300" height="250" playops="" url=""] Wikipedia describes the symptoms of spring fever as "an increase in energy, vitality and particularly sexual appetite."...

Red Sox Collapse Continues

By Preston Barclay October 18, 2011

Professional sports teams in Boston have love-hate relationships with their fans. Although mostly beloved in New England, failing to win is considered unacceptable, and of all New England teams, the Red...

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