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JACK EVANS WARD 2 Council Member Evans has been stripped of certain responsibilities, but remains on the council. Many have called for his resignation.

DC Council Reprimands Jack Evans over Code of Conduct Violation

By Yolanda Spura March 20, 2019

Washington, D.C. Councilmember Jack Evans (D-Ward 2) was reprimanded by a council vote after using his government email to solicit corporate deals March 19. Beyond the reprimand, D.C. Council Chair...

SAMUEL NELSON/THE HOYA | Ryan OSullivans (MSB 19) Snapchat post containing racial slurs was publicly exposed on Twitter in January 2017, but he remained an employee at the East Campus Residence Hall Office for nearly two years after the incident.

University Response to Bias Incident Frustrates Students

By Meena Morar January 31, 2019

The practice of calling out offensive speech on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook has raised the stakes of having a digital footprint — not only for individuals who express bigotry, but...


Forging a Social Life

By Hannah Kaufman October 31, 2014

Georgetown has spent the past several years trying to bring students’ social lives back to campus. While policy changes like the abolishment of the limit on the number of kegs an apartment can have...

GUSA Vice President Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15) and President Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) have advanced some campaign goals so far.

Midway Through Term, GUSA Executive Takes Stock

By Molly Simio October 28, 2014

Georgetown University Student Association President Trevor Tezel (SFS ’15) and Vice President Omika Jikaria (SFS ’15) have made efforts at reform and advocacy across a wide span of issues throughout...

Code Addresses Cyberbullying

By Chris Balthazard September 9, 2014

The university revised the Code of Student Conduct this fall in order to more thoroughly define harassment, hazing and bullying, especially regarding cyberbullying and online harassment. The previous...

Freshman Violations Hidden

By Molly Simio August 29, 2014

First-time violations of some Code of Student Conduct regulations that occur during freshman year will no longer be visible to employers and graduate schools on a student’s disciplinary record, after...

John B. Carroll, who replaced J.J. in the fall, lives on 36th Street.

The Year in Brief

By The Hoya Staff April 25, 2014

The past year saw everything from a new mascot to a multitude of snow days. Take a look at some of the biggest headlines on campus:   Georgetown University Student Association While this...

After Review, Code of Conduct Tweaked

By Mallika Sen August 30, 2013

The rewritten and slightly condensed Code of Student Conduct features streamlined guidelines in an effort to increase transparency in the disciplinary process. The 2013-2014 code, released Thursday...

Stylistic Changes Preview Larger Push for Code of Conduct Reform

By Eitan Sayag August 7, 2013

Stylistic and organizational changes to the Code of Student Conduct intended to clarify the disciplinary process are set for implementation by the end of the summer in anticipation of substantive changes...

GU Enables Adidas Abuse

By The Editorial Board September 28, 2012

It’s been over nine months since the Worker Rights Consortium discovered that Adidas, which has a contract with Georgetown, owes workers in Indonesia $1.8 million in back wages. We’re still waiting...

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