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Georgetown University’s Newspaper of Record since 1920

The Hoya

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The Hoya

EDITORIAL: Reduce Burdens for Off-Campus Students

By Editorial Board January 18, 2019

Georgetown University’s Office of Neighborhood Life is designed to assist students living off-campus. Yet in imposing arbitrary penalties and issuing unclear guidelines, the office fails to serve the...

EDITORIAL: Adjust Marijuana Punishments

By Editorial Board April 20, 2018

Georgetown University’s sanctioning guidelines provide harsher punishments for marijuana usage than the use of alcohol. The university should remedy this unnecessary discrepancy by revising marijuana-related...

EDITORIAL: Respect Civil Disobedience

By Editorial Board March 23, 2018

Georgetown University should not punish students for their disobedience simply because protesters expose problems within Georgetown’s institutions. Georgetown recently vowed not to punish incoming...

LAMBROZA: Revise Georgetown’s Sexual Assault Procedures

By Kate Lambroza January 12, 2018

Allegations of sexual assault and harassment spanning from Hollywood moguls to members of Congress have left our nation steeped in the tumultuous and divisive conversation about sexual misconduct While...

EDITORIAL: Correct Off-Campus Penalties

By Editorial Board September 22, 2017

For Georgetown University students, living off campus is often perceived as a privilege — an honor afforded only to seniors and graduate students. Yet many of the policies imposed on off-campus students...

University SNAPs At Noise

By Taylor Harding and Andrew Wallender November 10, 2015

When Drew Dushkes (GRD ’16) threw a mid-September housewarming party at his off-campus Georgetown residence, he never expected the night to culminate in Office of Student Conduct summons, the threat...

Concealed Carry on Campuses Considered

By Sarah Fisher February 27, 2015

Legislation to permit concealed firearms on college campuses is currently being considered in 10 states, with gun rights advocates arguing that such laws would reduce sexual assault. Bills to allow...

Protection in Policy and Person

By The Editorial Board September 12, 2014

Starting this fall, Georgetown’s Code of Student Conduct clearly defines punishments for cyberbullying and online harassment. After extensive changes, the code clearly defines harassment, hazing and...

Changing City and College

By The Editorial Board September 9, 2014

With the recent creation of a White House task force to combat sexual assault on college campuses, it is clear that necessary national scrutiny has returned to the issue of sexual misconduct. Both the...

University Policy Unaffected by Marijuana Decriminalization

By Kshithij Shrinath July 17, 2014

Marijuana decriminalization arrived in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, after a law passed by the D.C. Council in March took effect at midnight, but the university’s marijuana policy will see no change. Under...

Anti-Harassment Act Addresses Cyberbullying

By Chris Balthazard April 25, 2014

Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) has reintroduced the Tyler Clementi Higher Education Anti-Harassment Act, which would require all colleges and universities that receive federal funds to explicitly recognize...

The Final Word: 2013-2014

By The Editorial Board April 25, 2014

In an eventful year for campus life, students made sure their voices were not lost in the university’s decision-making process. From Georgetown’s changing course of action on navigating the 2010 Campus...

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