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Georgetown University’s Newspaper of Record since 1920

The Hoya

CURRENT NOSTALGIA: How TikTok Made Camp Rock Relevant Again

CURRENT NOSTALGIA: How TikTok Made ‘Camp Rock’ Relevant Again

By Parker Stubhar October 22, 2020

Picture this: it’s a balmy Friday evening in summer 2008. You’ve had a busy day alternating between Club Penguin and Webkinz accounts on the clunky desktop in your family’s designated computer room....

Onward Depicts Brothers Humorous, Heartwarming Quest

‘Onward’ Depicts Brothers’ Humorous, Heartwarming Quest

By James Kim March 28, 2020

★★★★☆ Two delightfully fantastical but emotionally relatable teenage elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot, embark on a mission to bring their father back to life through magic in Disney’s...

WALT DISNEY PICTURES | Disneys Dumbo, brought back to theaters with Tim Burtons distinct artistic eye, is an uplifting family film that will visually stun.

Burton’s ‘Dumbo’ Moves Audiences, Visually Stuns

By James Kim March 31, 2019

★★★★☆ Renowned director and producer Tim Burton returned to the cinemas March 29 after a three-year absence with “Dumbo,” a remake of the 1941 animated Disney film. The plot captures a beautiful...

Julia Usiak

MISS-TAKES: Do Disney Movies Pass the Bechdel Test?

By Julia Usiak October 31, 2018

The propensity to walk through crowded streets with a nose stuck in a book. The tendency to launch myself out of pools, whipping my hair back in an arc. An affinity for men who give me stolen apples and...

Things to Do Once You Crash on Homecoming

Things to Do Once You Crash on Homecoming

By Izzy Roemer and Izzy Roemer September 21, 2018

I don’t know about you guys, but this whole “school” thing is already getting me down. If you’re feeling the burnout like me, count yourself lucky — we have something to look forward to! HOMECOMING Anyone...

8 Underrated Animated Characters

8 Underrated Animated Characters

By Jenna Ryu and Jenna Ryu June 19, 2018

With everyone talking about the premiere of Incredibles 2, I can't help but wonder if it'll beat the iconic original film. Edna Mode's quirky yet relatable character? The memorable yet slightly overused...


Movie Review: ‘Black Panther’

By Paulina Enck February 16, 2018

★★★★☆ “Black Panther” is a visually stunning marvel with a stellar cast that elevates an uninspired script. The film follows the newly crowned king and superhero T’Challa as he...

Film Review: Coco

Film Review: ‘Coco’

By Arden Fitzpatrick November 28, 2017

★★★★★ Adult audiences might not expect an animated film to explore difficult issues like the death and legacy of a loved one, but Disney Pixar’s latest animated masterpiece, “Coco,”...

Movie Review: ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales’

By Ben Macher June 3, 2017

★★☆☆☆ For more than a decade, Captain Jack Sparrow has been one of Hollywood’s most iconic Disney characters, capturing audiences of all ages with his quick wit and eccentric charm....


Movie Review: ‘Beauty and the Beast’

By Meghan DeCourcey March 8, 2017

★★★★★ It is a story that everyone knows — the tale as old as time. Yet, somehow, the live-action digital remake of “Beauty and the Beast” still dazzles and leaves the audience longing...

Best. News. Ever.

Best. News. Ever.

By Shakeema Gonzalez and Shakeema Gonzalez April 20, 2016

Zetus Lapetus!!!!!! If you couldn't tell, I tend to contribute most to the blog when it's Disney related. 90's kids get ready for the best 4 days of your life, because Disney Channel is airing a 51...


Q&A: Pine, Affleck Talk Roles in ‘The Finest Hours’

By Bryan Yuen February 9, 2016

While Chris Pine might be used to navigating waves of young, female fans captivated by his blue eyes, he and co-star Casey Affleck took on dozens of literal waves on screen in the “The Finest Hours,”...

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