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Georgetown University’s Newspaper of Record since 1920

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Georgetown University’s Newspaper of Record since 1920

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Creating Characters, Worlds: Amateur Animation at Georgetown

Creating Characters, Worlds: Amateur Animation at Georgetown

By Ishaan Rai and Adriana Guzman September 23, 2021

Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and SpongeBob — imagine inserting your own iconic character into the list of the most recognizable animations in the world.  No matter what initially draws students...

JULIA LO / YOUTUBE | From admissions style content to expressive vlogs, students use YouTube in a variety of ways that highlight their own creative passions, even if balancing making videos and school can be intense.

Student YouTubers Use Platform to Showcase Creativity, Authenticity

By Allan Navarro January 31, 2020

Jaydon Skinner (COL ’21) went home for Christmas break in 2018 feeling unaccomplished at Georgetown University, having devoted most of his on-campus energy to activities he did not find rewarding or...

Netflix Originals Grapple with Issues of Diversity, Innovation

Netflix Originals Grapple with Issues of Diversity, Innovation

By Michelle Brown January 24, 2020

A bicoastal couple, the husband a director and the wife an actress, find themselves embroiled in a painful divorce and custody battle in the Netflix-distributed film “Marriage Story,” praised for...

JULIA ALVEY/THE HOYA | Even though Spotify curates its own playlists, students use their playlists as forms of identity and self-expression.

Playlists Promote Expression Through Curation

By Yu Young Lee and Elena Ergener October 11, 2019

The snap of AirPods cases opening and shutting. The visible struggles of untangling headphone wires. The echoes of beats vibrating from portable speakers. Faint lyrics heard over the whirring of the coffee...


Faith and Justice? The Struggles of Timothy Healy and Leo O’Donovan to Balance Piety and Dialogue

By Maddy Forbess and Meghan DeCourcey September 23, 2018

“Faith and Justice” hangs from the banners of Healy Hall, urging students and faculty on to serve their community while staying true to their religious convictions.  Although Jesuits hold the two...


Cafe Diem: How Coffee Shops Are Seizing the District

By Alia Kawar September 16, 2018

Rushed Metro riders can be seen tightly gripping thermoses as they ride the morning rails. Young professionals keep a row of eclectic mugs perched on their desks — just in case. Students carry their...

Meditation Fosters Peace and Reflection on Campus

By Alexandra Brunjes April 20, 2018

The room is small, bright and quiet, with a small table at the center surrounded by floor cushions and chairs. A meditation leader begins to recite the words of John Main, a British Benedictine monk...


Georgetown’s Language Landscape Promotes Multiculturalism

By Sarah Cammarota March 22, 2018

Since Georgetown University’s founding in 1789, the school has encouraged students and faculty members to broaden their worldviews and dedicate themselves to others, regardless of cultural and linguistic...


Georgetown Love Stories Unfold at Dahlgren

By Molly Cooke February 15, 2018

Years after meeting as participants at Mask and Bauble Dramatic Society’s Midnight Theater production of “All in the Timing,” Diana Valdivia (COL ’05, LAW ’10) and Carlos Valdivia (COL ’05)...

Proceed With Caution: Kober-Cogan

Proceed With Caution: Kober-Cogan

By Noah Levesque and Mac Dressman November 10, 2017

A walk through the abandoned Kober-Cogan Building reveals old books, medical kits and remnants of a hospital all covered in a film of dust, now nearly erased from memory. Furniture still sits untouched...

A Walk Through Red Square

By William Leo September 8, 2017

William Leo is a Hoya Staff Writer Conversation on campus is constant. Walking through Red Square, students can overhear hundreds of their peers gathered in spirited conversation. Although few recognize...


Go-Go Going Nowhere

By Noah Hawke and Mac Dressman September 1, 2017

Frenetic drum beats, cheering and chanting pour out onto U Street. The sounds emanate from the insides of theaters, clubs and performance halls, where masses of Washington, D.C. music fans sing and...

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