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PODCAST || Brendan’s Opinion: Aca-scuse Me?

By Brendan Teehan November 17, 2022

On this week’s episode of “Brendan’s Opinion,” host Brendan Teehan (COL ’25) discusses all six a cappella groups on Georgetown University’s Main Campus. Tune in to hear the difference between...

File Photo: Natalie Isé/The Hoya | A cappella groups create tight-knit, meaningful communities that provide homes for students who love to sing.

Students Sing, Share Passion in A Cappella Groups

By Grace Vainisi October 25, 2019

From “The Office” to “Pitch Perfect,” a cappella has increasingly found itself as a cultural flashpoint within popular media. At Georgetown University, the a cappella groups foster a sense of...

GEORGETOWN RANGILA FACEBOOK | The Hilltop flourishes with student performers, including a cappella groups like GraceNotes. Hanna Chan (COL 19), center, shares her passion for singing and reflects on the challenges she faced as a musician.

Seniors Shine on Campus, Release Original Music

By Suna Cha May 15, 2019

Whether in large showcases at Gaston Hall or intimate open-mic nights at Uncommon Grounds, sounds of music reverberate across Georgetown University. Guitars strum harmoniously while voices echo with soul....

Ryan Bae, The Hoya

Phantoms, Gracenotes and Chimes Dominate the DC A Cappella Festival’s First Weekend

By Annah Otis November 9, 2018

Georgetown University a cappella groups stunned at the 28th annual D.C. A Cappella Festival, which premiered Nov. 3 at 7:30 p.m. in Gaston Hall. The resonant performances of The Georgetown Phantoms...


The Lore of the Georgetown Chimes and ‘Cherry Tree Massacre’

By Julia Yaeger February 8, 2018

Walking into the Georgetown Chimes’ rehearsal is like stepping into another world. Stifled vocals come from the back room of the house where members of the Chimes gather before rehearsing, while...

DCAF 2015 Preview

DCAF 2015 Preview

By Courtney Klein and Courtney Klein November 13, 2015

If you happened to miss DCAF last weekend, do not fear: there is another night of DCAF coming to you this weekend! As the official 4E a cappella enthusiast fan girl, I thought that it was only fitting...


Zach Rego (MS B ’16) performs with Superfood in Georgetown University’s Gaston Hall, at the first weekend of the D.C. A Cappella Festival, hosted by the Phantoms and the Gracenotes.

DCAF’s Silver Jubilee

By Kate Kim November 13, 2015

D.C. A Cappella Festival is celebrating its 25th anniversary with two weekends of performances from six of Georgetown’s undergraduate a cappella groups and four guest performance groups. Performances...

All Female, All Empowering, A Cappella

All Female, All Empowering, A Cappella

By Tori Forelli October 27, 2015

When I tell people that I am in an a cappella group at Georgetown, their eyes light up. When I explain that I am a member of the Georgetown GraceNotes, an all-female a cappella group, I always get the...

Spring Sing Preview!

Spring Sing Preview!

By Courtney Klein and Courtney Klein April 10, 2015

As spring is beginning to spring, Georgetown's a cappella groups are also beginning to sing. This Saturday is the annual a cappella festival, Spring Sing! Hosted by Superfood and the Saxatones, this...

A Capella Alert: DCAF Is Here

A Capella Alert: DCAF Is Here

By Griffin Greco and Griffin Greco October 31, 2014

It’s that time of year again. No, not Halloween — DCAF. For those of you that don’t know, DCAF is the D.C. A Cappella Festival, a two-weekend annual fall concert hosted by Georgetown's very own...

Celebrating Spring, A Cappella Style

Celebrating Spring, A Cappella Style

By Sarah Hour April 4, 2014

This Saturday at 7:30 p.m. in Gaston Hall, Superfood and the Saxatones will host Georgetown’s annual Spring Sing. Spring Sing is an energetic, lively a cappella concert that will feature four other...

DCAF: Better Than Espresso

By Lindsay Lee and Lindsay Lee November 1, 2012

My professional obligations as a very serious journalist require me to be unbiased in my reporting of the news, regardless of what other school groups I may be a part of. That being said, a ticket to DCAF...

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