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HBO’s ‘Years and Years’ Envisions Future With Cynicism

By Steven Botsoe September 6, 2019

“Years and Years,” an HBO miniseries that debuted earlier this year, is simultaneously harrowing, hopeful and amusingly speculative as it attempts to paint a picture of what the near future might hold...

ALEC BERG PRODUCTIONS | Barry Berkman, played by Bill Hader, grapples with his identity as a killer. Although funny and entertaining, the show addresses larger questions of morality and explores Barrys psyche.

Bill Hader Explores Dark Humor in ‘Barry’

By Sean Fulmer April 17, 2019

“Barry,” HBO’s award-winning series launched last March, blends lighthearted, whimsical humor with dark, emotional themes. The show has received positive responses, winning two Primetime Emmy...

PETE HOLMES | In his HBO comedy “Crashing,” based on his own comedic career, Pete Holmes, above, portrayed the ups and downs of trying to make it big in an uninviting industry. Holmes hopes other comedians will find comfort in seeing his own failures on the way to success.

Pete Holmes Reflects on Sharing His Story Through Television

By Elfrieda Nwabunnia March 29, 2019

In an age of increasing interest in comedy, Pete Holmes continues to solidify his place among the best of the generation. His show on HBO, “Crashing,” which ended its final season March 10, chronicles...

HBO | Comedian Pete Holmes set a high bar with his previous HBO special, “Faces and Sounds.” While the new special lacks some of the insatiable humor and charm of the last one, “Dirty Clean” continues to impress with Holmes’ distinct goofy and lovable persona that breaks the mold of the traditional comedian.

‘Dirty Clean’ Showcases Comedian’s Captivating Energy

By Guide Editor February 1, 2019

★★★★☆ The third season of comedian Pete Holmes’ HBO comedy “Crashing” premiered Sunday, Jan. 20. Those viewers unfamiliar with Holmes may want to watch some of his previous stand-up specials...

AXIOS Nick Johnston (COL 99), editor-in-chief of Axios, a digital media organization, said his experience working for print publications led to increased reporting standards for Axios online newsletters.

Axios Leaders Adapt Print Journalism for Digital Age

By Deepika Jonnalagadda November 16, 2018

The foundations of Axios, an online media company, are centered on the basic tenets of print journalism while adapting to the new digital era, according to Axios Editor-in-Chief Nick Johnston (COL ’99). The...

Television Review: ‘Vice Principals’

By Charlotte Lindsay October 29, 2017

HBO series such as “Summer Heights High,” “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Girls” succeed in tapping into niche audiences and twisting comedic tropes into something new. The shows aired by HBO,...

Television Review: ‘The Deuce’

By Gabrielle Irwin October 6, 2017

Filled with sexy intrigue and authentic portrayals of human strife, “The Deuce” is the latest in HBO’s lineup of addictive, provocative television dramas. The show, which premiered Sept. 10, has...


Movie Review: ‘Spielberg’

By Maddie Finn October 4, 2017

★★★★☆ HBO’s “Spielberg,” directed and produced by Susan Lacy, is no ordinary documentary. The film is as much a documentary about famed director Steven Spielberg’s life as it...

A.V. ID: Introducing TV’s Greatest Title Sequences

A.V. ID: Introducing TV’s Greatest Title Sequences

By Claire Nenninger August 8, 2017

Title sequences serve an important role beyond simply introducing the cast and crew of a TV show. Rather, they have the unique ability to pique a viewer’s interest in watching the show, and in some cases,...

The Five Weirdest Documentaries You Have To See To Believe

The Five Weirdest Documentaries You Have To See To Believe

By Mike Radice and Mike Radice September 27, 2015

It’s that time of the year again. As the weather slowly but surely gets colder, all we really want to do is stay in on the weekends and binge watch our favorite shows on Netflix. While the traditionally...

Movie Review: “Entourage”

By Sami Rahman June 6, 2015

★★★★★ A fading star from the once-famous show “Viking Quest,” a tequila tycoon weed-guzzler, a pizza-rolling Sbarro's manager turned suit-wearing movie producer, a short-fused workaholic...

Is America the Best Country In the World?

By Duy Mai March 19, 2015

In the pilot episode of the HBO series “The Newsroom,” a college student asks Atlantis Cable News anchor Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels), “What makes America the greatest country in the world?” McAvoy...

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