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‘Do Ho Suh: Almost Home’ at the Smithsonian American Art Museum Explores Belonging in the East and the West

By Alia Kawar April 24, 2018

Experiences are not always shared — but the concept of home is universal. At “Do Ho Suh: Almost Home” at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, Korean artist Do Ho Suh recreates his memory of his...

Settling in Seoul

By Jasmine White September 30, 2016

The experience of black people in Korea was one of the things I researched most while preparing to study abroad in Seoul. While most comments were positive, I could not help but feel anxious as a result...

PARK: What Part of China Are You From?

By Summer Jimin Park July 11, 2016

A drunk man in his early thirties was hovering around M. St. as I waited for my bus. When our eyes finally met, he looked at me squarely and asked, “Which part of China are you from?” It was just...

Korean Ambassador Talks Career, Korean-United States Relationship

By Charlotte Allen April 19, 2016

Republic of Korea Ambassador to the United States Ahn Ho-Young (GRD ’83) emphasized the strong relationship between South Korea and the United States and Korea’s growing role in the world economy at...

Julia Hennrikus

In Korea, Beauty Evolves on Its Own Terms

By Sarah Kim November 4, 2014

“Are you half? You have big eyes, for an Asian.” “You have bigger eyes than some of my white friends!” “Have you gotten double-eyelid surgery? Your eyes are pretty.” “You have...

Korea’s Future Discussed

By Gene Choi October 31, 2014

Michael Marshall, Editor of "The Korean Dream: A Vision for Korean Unification" from the Global Peace Foundation, and Jin Shin, president of the Institute for Peace Affairs and professor at Chungnam National...

Michelle Xu

Sticking With It: My Korean Education

By Jinwoo Chong September 19, 2014

From the age of nine until I entered high school, I woke up around 8 a.m. every Saturday to attend a full day of Korean school in the community space of a local Presbyterian church 15 minutes from...

From DC to DMZ, a Newfound Identity

By Michael Cho September 27, 2012

Being born in Seoul, South Korea, growing up in Sydney, Australia, and attending a university in the United States, my identity has never been easy to pin down. After finishing my freshman year at Georgetown,...

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