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RF Kuang website | Rebecca F. Kuang (SFS 18) spoke to students about her experiences as a New York Times bestselling author.

Alumna Rebecca Kuang Discusses Bestselling Fantasy Novels, Undergrad Experience

By Anya Markovitz March 24, 2023

The last time Rebecca F. Kuang (SFS ’18) was in the ICC auditorium, she was a freshman taking an Economics exam. Eight years later, she’s giving a talk as a 26-year-old New York Times bestselling...

GUSA Bumps Up SAC Funding, Slashes Lecture Fund for 2021-22 Club Budget

GUSA Bumps Up SAC Funding, Slashes Lecture Fund for 2021-22 Club Budget

By Liana Hardy and Andrew Park April 22, 2021

The Georgetown University Student Association finalized the student activities budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year, increasing funding for the Student Activities Commission and making cuts to Lecture Fund. The...

COLIN OBRADY | Colin OBrady completed the first unassisted, unsupported solo crossing of Antarctica in December 2018.

Endurance Athlete Describes Journey to Record-Breaking Antarctica Trek

By Erika Gebhardt April 11, 2019

From struggling to take his first step after an accident in 2008 to completing the first unassisted, unsupported solo crossing of Antarctica, Colin O’Brady described the unexpected events that changed...

AMY LI/THE HOYA | Journalist Chris Hedges called on attendees to engage in civil disobedience to incentivize politicians to take action against climate change Tuesday.

Journalist Chris Hedges Criticizes Corporate Influence in Politics

By Erika Gebhardt April 4, 2019

Income inequality and the influence of corporate lobbyists in politics have caused a societal decline in the United States, said Chris Hedges, a Pulitzer Prize winner and former New York Times reporter,...

Miriam Zoila Perez spoke about how the diversity of stories covered can reflect the diversity of journalists reporting on them.

Media Professionals Promote Diversity in Journalism

By Sarah Mendelsohn April 27, 2018

Increasing diversity in news media can transform publications to be more representative of the experiences of all readers, a panel of professional journalists said at an event Tuesday evening co-hosted...

EDITORIAL: Despite Bigotry, Debate Shapiro

By Editorial Board March 16, 2018

Many students — understandably — feel Ben Shapiro’s March 21 lecture on campus, organized and endorsed by Georgetown University College Republicans and Lecture Fund, risks normalizing and legitimizing...

HAZBUN: Student Groups Must Disinvite Shapiro

By Claire Hazbun February 23, 2018

Ben Shapiro, a prominent conservative author and speaker who is set to speak on Georgetown University’s campus next month, is openly racist, Islamophobic and transphobic. Bringing Shapiro, a former editor-at-large...


Resigned Adviser Criticizes Trump on HIV/AIDS Policy

By Alfredo Carrillo September 8, 2017

Alfredo Carrillo is a staff writer for The Hoya President Donald Trump’s administration has not devoted enough attention to issues affecting the LGBTQ community in America, counsel and HIV project...

VIEWPOINT: Stepping Away From Selectivity

VIEWPOINT: Stepping Away From Selectivity

By Aiden Johnson, Abigail Glasgow, and Sarah Smith September 1, 2017

This Sunday at the Council of Advisory Boards Fair, as clubs set up on Georgetown’s front lawn and try to recruit new members, it is difficult not to be optimistic. As students walk through cramped aisles...

Journalists Urge Increased Trump-Era Responsibility

By Tara Subramaniam March 28, 2017

Foreign correspondents have a greater responsibility in light of President Donald Trump’s administration and growing conflict around the world, said Anne Garrels, former senior foreign correspondent...

Derek Black spoke with professor Marcia Chatelain to discuss how he defected from white nationalism in an event Thursday.

In First Event After Defection, Former White Nationalist Derek Black Reflects On Racial Climate

By Jesus Rodriguez and Tara Subramaniam January 27, 2017

Former white nationalist Derek Black, in his first public event since denouncing his formative community in 2013, argued against the belief that civil discourse alone can combat racism at Copley Formal...

The GU Lecture Fund hosted former National Security Agency employee Edward Snowden, who called in via Skype from Russia, for the second time Wednesday.

Snowden Advocates for Privacy

By Yasmine Salam October 7, 2016

The right to privacy is essential in any free society, argued former National Security Agency employee Edward Snowden in his second virtual discussion with Georgetown students Wednesday. Snowden,...

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