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Georgetown Medical School Celebrates 2023 Match Day

Georgetown Medical School Celebrates 2023 Match Day

By Taylor Young March 29, 2023

Hundreds of Georgetown University medical students, friends, family and faculty gathered in the Healey Family Student Center to celebrate “Match Day,” the eagerly anticipated announcement of residency...

Medical School Event Addresses Med Students’ Mental Health, Identity

Medical School Event Addresses Med Students’ Mental Health, Identity

By Nina Raj April 28, 2022

Georgetown University School of Medicine students shared stories about their identity and wellbeing at this year’s “I, Too, Am Georgetown Medicine” event, which highlighted how identity and background...


Medical School Launches Campaign to Reduce Bias

By Sana Rahman February 8, 2019

A campaign aimed to educate and spread awareness about microaggressions in the medical field launched at the Georgetown University School of Medicine this week. The campaign will include 17 educational...

EDITORIAL: Broaden Cawley’s Focus

By Editorial Board November 10, 2017

As an institution that promises to prepare its graduates for life beyond the Hilltop, Georgetown University has a responsibility to provide its students with guidance as they seek to chart their path post-graduation. Yet,...

Med Student Founds Refugee Service

By Gaia Mattiace September 15, 2015

In northern Iraq, many war refugees are subject to torture, abuse and injury yet receive minimal resources or access to medical care. After he witnessed the dire need for aid on a service trip, Aaron...

Paving Your Graduate Path

By Rebecca Childress March 6, 2015

Okay, let’s talk grad school. Around three million Americans enroll in a graduate program each year, which is about a sixth of the number of Americans who enroll as undergraduates each year. There are...


When Pre-Med Gets Personal

By Andrew Meshnick April 10, 2014

The overambitious pre-medical student is a staple on the Georgetown campus. If you are not one yourself, you certainly know one. Pre-meds, as we are affectionately called, spend long nights laboring...

Strength in Research After Newtown Tragedy

By Paul D. Roepe April 10, 2014

Much has been written about Newtown, Conn. It can be tempting to try and forget, but a year and a half later, there are chapters to this story that are still in the process of being written and that should...

With Med Alums, Blue Angels Again Able to Soar

By Allison Cannella March 25, 2014

After forced spending cuts put the U.S. Navy’s flight demonstration squadron,“The Blue Angels,” on the ground for a year, the Angels have gone airborne once again, with Lieutenant Commander Mark...

A Degree in Mini-Medicine

By Kit Clemente October 29, 2013

At the Georgetown University Medical Center, a group of students study medicine and health without the goal of becoming doctors. The Mini-Medical School was born out of an effort to relieve student-neighbor...

MCAT May Change Gen Eds

By Mallika Sen April 23, 2013

To compensate for changes in the Medical College Admission Test, students are pushing for the addition of a social science general education requirement for science majors accompanied by a decrease in...

Premed Courses to Adjust in Wake of MCAT Changes

By Anne Skomba November 14, 2011

Academic advisors and students anticipate minor adjustments in the premedical program in response to changes to the Medical College Admissions Test, which will take effect in 2015. The exam, which is...

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