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Georgetown University’s Newspaper of Record since 1920

The Hoya

Georgetown University’s Newspaper of Record since 1920

The Hoya

HOLLANDER: Still Too Early to Label Obama a Lame Duck

By Evan Hollander December 6, 2013

Almost a full year into his second term, President Barack Obama has lurched from one disaster to the next and has little to show for his thumping of Mitt Romney last November. However, with a more modest...

Hagel Confirmation Delayed

By Ted Murphy February 16, 2013

Senate Republicans halted the confirmation of Georgetown professor and former Sen. Chuck Hagel(R-Neb.) Thursday. Winning confirmation typically requires a simple majority of 51 votes, but Senate Republicans...

Fledgling Group Aims to Spark Student Support for Gingrich

By Elizabeth Garbitelli December 5, 2011

With the recent surge in support for Newt Gingrich in the GOP primary race, a chapter of the national Students for Newt organization is joining the ranks of candidate groups on campus. Beginning...

A Third Party is the Charm for the 2012 Presidential Ticket

By Justin Pinn and Laura Kresse December 5, 2011

Politics make us cynical about the American government. Politicians have long been placing party identities before real politics, leaving the United States in its most economically vulnerable state...

Congressman Speaks on Middle East Conflict

By Carolyn Clendenin November 16, 2011

Congressman Jared Polis (D-Colo.) discussed the current Arab-Israeli conflict and potential solutions to the problem Tuesday. The event was sponsored by the Georgetown University College Democrats,...

FCC to Run National Test Of Alert System

By Carolyn Clendenin November 7, 2011

The federal government will conduct the first nationwide test of the National Emergency Alert System Wednesday at 2 p.m. EST. The run-through, sponsored by the Federal Communications Commission and...

Clinton Reflects on His Economic Record

By Glenn Russo October 30, 2011

Students packed Gaston Hall Friday afternoon for a chance to see former President Bill Clinton (SFS '68) and a collection of his closest advisors discuss the economic legacy of his administration...

Occupiers on Target

By Ricky Garza October 28, 2011

Divisive, messy and disorganized, the protesters currently occupying Zuccotti Park in Manhattan have been derided for everything from their hairstyles to their skewed demographics, which lean toward...

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