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A Guide To Homecoming

A Guide To Homecoming

By Laura Bell and Laura Bell November 1, 2017

Yes, it’s sadly still midterm season, which means that you’re probably reading this article on Lau 2 while simultaneously crafting a last-minute email to your professor begging for an extension. But...

Is It Too Late Now to Say Sorry? An Open Apology Letter to the Neighborhood

Is It Too Late Now to Say Sorry? An Open Apology Letter to the Neighborhood

By Laura Bell and Laura Bell October 16, 2016

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, the Washington City Paper recently wrote an article detailing the deplorable behavior of Georgetown students at this year’s annual Homecoming Celebration. One...


Certain freshman bros, while never reaching the frat-boy level as shown in Neighbors, found bonds through their pranking.

An Ode to the Bros

By Justin Kotwicki May 21, 2014

Although I didn’t know it at the time, I have been getting talks since the day I arrived on campus. Every student has. However, the term “getting talks” did not come into existence until my second...

Zac Efron and Seth Rogan star in the ridiculous and hilarious comedy about what happens when a frat moves next door to new parents.

Movie Review: ‘Neighbors’

By Sheena Karkal May 9, 2014

★★★★☆ Chock full of crude humor, gratuitous shots of shirtless men and out-of-control frat parties, "Neighbors" is the perfect mindless entertainment to cure your post-finals blues. New parents...

GCP Makes Progress With Neighbors

By Molly Simio January 28, 2014

Over the last semester, administrators and neighbors alike have noticed lessening tensions between the two groups, with many crediting the Georgetown Community Partnership for channeling frustration into...

MPD: Noise May Lead to Arrests

By Caitlin Mac Neal February 4, 2013

An amendment to D.C. law went into effect Tuesday, placing harsher restrictions on disruptive noise and marking a major shift in the Metropolitan Police Department's ability to crack down on gatherings...

The Return of

By Michelle Cassidy and Michelle Cassidy October 16, 2012

There's evidence of the longstanding battle between Georgetown students and our disgruntled neighbors all over the place – lawn signs and pins reading "Our Homes Not GU's Dorms", angry listserv posts...

An Office for The Whole Neighborhood

By Cory Peterson October 11, 2012

This year, the University has restructured the Office of Neighborhood Life to better support students living off campus. I’d like to take this time to share how we can now better serve your needs. We...

CAG to Ramp Up Security

By Caroline Welch September 21, 2012

Amid some controversy, the Citizens Association of Georgetown has begun installing private security cameras around the neighborhood in an effort to deter area crime. Following discussions that began...

You’re Being Watched

By The Editorial Board September 21, 2012

The Citizens Association of Georgetown has taken the neighborhood watch digital. While it’s hard to say where the line between privacy and protection should be drawn, placing this sensitive police function...

GCP Aims to Foster Town-Gown Dialogue

By Braden McDonald September 14, 2012

In contrast to the hostility and tension that characterized the relationship between Georgetown and its neighbors during the 2010 Campus Plan negotiations, both parties are starting to express optimism...

The Neighbors Want You to Put a Shirt On

By Michelle Cassidy and Michelle Cassidy February 28, 2012

While the warm spell that we've been experiencing lately has brought students out of Lau and into the sunlight, some of our neighbors aren't too happy about the way students are choosing to enjoy the...

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