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Georgetown University’s Newspaper of Record since 1920

The Hoya

Georgetown University’s Newspaper of Record since 1920

The Hoya

The Process of Becoming America, The Beautiful

By Reno Varghese and James Gadea October 1, 2015

James was walking through the High Museum of Art in Atlanta with his brother, Jonathan, when he said something truly profound to him. As they passed by the various works of art, a section of the museum...

Forging a Safer Future Through Gun Control

By Sarah Clements September 4, 2015

On Tuesday, Andy Ward and Alison Parker were buried. We failed them. In the past few days, we have been left to make sense of their execution, which was broadcast on live television to an unsuspecting...

The Work Ahead for Trans Student Rights

By Willem Miller September 1, 2015

This summer was big for the LGBTQ community — particularly the transgender community. Caitlyn Jenner came out as transgender and started a documentary series. Another season of “Orange Is the New...

BASSEY: Erase Party Labels to Speak Freely

By Musa Bassey April 13, 2015

​I don’t know who I am ---- at all. But I know what I believe. I am a liberal. I believe in a world where all have room to fail and are able to better their lives, through a combination of hard...

In Defense of the Humanities

By Ayan Mandal September 24, 2014

Last October, the New York Times published an article addressing the decline of humanities programs across the country (available here). The article discusses how in light of economic collapse and a rise...

Progress Is Slow on Disability Access

By Penny Hung November 6, 2012

Students may complain about the inconvenience of the university’s hills and stairs, but for Whitney Weldon (COL ’15), getting around campus is a daily challenge. Weldon navigates campus in a motorized...

Gray Lauds Improvements in DC Public Education

By Braden McDonald March 29, 2011

In his first State of the District Address, Mayor Vincent Gray spoke of progress in the District, while calling upon its citizens to work together to inhabit a more livable and prosperous "global capital." The...

Making the Grade

By The Editorial Board August 31, 2010

Much needed reform promised by the Obama administration has come to the U.S. education system in the form of stimulus dollars, but whether this is change we can believe in has yet to be seen. This...

Examine Motivation Behind Push for Progress

By Patrick J. Deneen February 9, 2010

While Georgetown students are told that they can specialize in almost any imaginable combination of subjects, there is one course of study that they cannot avoid: competition. Students and faculty alike...

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